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Urban Piping offers water line replacement in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Burnaby, and surrounding areas. We are licensed, insured, and professional. The quality of our water line replacement service is attested to by hundreds of 5-star reviews we have online. For fast and first-rate water line repair, contact one of our offices immediately.

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We require your address in order to pull blueprints of your home to quote the required work as accurately as possible.

Our Water Line Replacement Process

We have the tools and trained plumbers to replace your water line in no time. We assure you a new water line that is functional, efficient, and durable. Speak to us today; we will help you through this process.

1) Protect Your Property

Urban Piping replaces broken water lines with minimal disruption to normal living in the home. We cover your properties that are close to the project site with plastic wrap for protection from dust and sand. 

We setup all necessary and required safety precautions outside your home when accessing the water line under your property. With minimal agitation to our customers property we are able to complete the service timely and safely while protecting your home.

2) Begin Water Line Replacement

We move in our equipment and staff to start excavating your track of the water line, after disconnecting the water line from the main water supply. We dig in the ground, remove the damaged pipes.

We then replace the water line with Class A Pex piping or similar quality products that are the most trusted in the plumbing industry.

After the water line replacement process, we ensure that every pipe is well-connected to prevent mystery leakage after project completion.

3) Restore Your Property

After the successful replacement of your water line, we restore the excavated areas. We cover up the pipes and fill the dug field with sand. Where necessary, we will replace the removed concrete slabs and rebuild the affected walls. 

Whatever the situation may be, we will ensure that your landscape is restored to the conditions it was before the project started if not better.

4) Clean Your Property

Urban Piping is a professional water line replacement plumbing company that will take care of debris, dirt, sod, concrete, etc. caused on your landscape and compound during the water line replacement process. 

We clean your property as much as possible. By the time we are completed no one would know that such a project was carried out on your property.

Water Line Replacement – Know The Facts

We are local experts in water line replacement in Calgary, Edmonton, Burnaby, Vancouver and all surrounding areas. Our team of water line replacement specialists have completed hundreds of water line repair and replacements throughout western Canada.

We are local experts in water line replacement in Calgary, Edmonton, Burnaby, Vancouver and all surrounding areas. Our team of water line replaceAn efficient water line is crucial to the water supply in your home. However, when your water line becomes damaged or compromised, you need to hire an emergency water line replacement plumber. Urban Piping is your trusted water line replacement specialist. And we assure you of top-of-the-line water line replacement service using the latest technologies available. 

Our services are guaranteed to minimize the downtime in water supply in your home, replace your damaged water line, and to be as cost efficient as possible.ment specialists have completed hundreds of water line repair and replacements throughout western Canada.

The water line can get damaged or compromised by several factors. However, here are some of the causes of damages to water lines that make emergency replacement inevitable…
  • Corrosion of water lines
  • Tree root intrusion into water lines
  • Ground movement on water lines
  • Physical damage like pipe bursts to water lines
  • Excess Pressure in water lines
When your water line damaged, do not hesitate to contact us at Urban Piping. We are committed to your water security.

Decades ago, people believed that copper material was the best material for water pipes because it was indestructible and would last forever. Meanwhile, copper pipes have an estimated life span of 20 years.

Besides, the copper water line can become corroded over time, which will make water highly toxic. Excessive exposure to copper toxicity can cause Alzheimer’s disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, etc. Considering the health hazards that copper pipes can cause, it is advised that copper water lines should be replaced.

If you need professional copper water line replacement, Urban Piping can help you. We specialize in first-rate copper water line replacement. We will help you to replace the copper pipes in your home with high-grade PVC pipes or PEX pipes. Our priority is to provide you with the best water line replacement solution. Contact Urban Piping today; your wellness is our priority.

Water lines are crucial to the water supply in any home, whether residential or commercial. Damages to water lines can be noticed through certain signs and seen immediately. However, when you notice any of the signs below, Urban Piping can help you with water line replacement.
  • Discoloured water
  • Lack of water supply to the building
  • Frequent backups and clogs
  • Wet areas in the compound
  • Flooding
  • Low water pressure
  • Banging sounds in the water pipes
As soon as you notice any of the above signs, call our hotline; we will come and help you. Our water line replacement service is fast, efficient, and reliable. It aims to restore the water supply to your home and that you have healthy water free from contamination by harmful chemicals in your home.

Led has remained one of the most common materials used for making pipes in plumbing for several centuries. It has many appealing features such as easy-to-use, rust resistance, and affordability.

Meanwhile, led has become a serious health concern because of led traces found in drinking water. Many people are suffering from led poisoning that reportedly caused declined fertility and kidney damage. Other downsides of led in children include permanent changes in behavior and the learning ability of children.

To prevent led from being leached out of the pipes into your water, it is best to ask Urban Piping for led water line replacement. We will help you replace your led water lines with safer plumbing materials such as PVC and PEX pipes. Call our hotline today; we will come to your home for an on-site assessment and help you to replace your water line in no time.

How Much Cost Water Line Replacement Cost?

Several things are involved in water line replacement, and they have a cost implication that adds up to the total cost of replacing a damaged water line. Here are factors that determine the water line replacement cost...

Piping used for Water Line Replacement

The primary cost determinant is the pipe material to be used. There are led pipes, copper pipes, Poly B pipes, PVC, and PEX pipes. Each of them comes with a price tag that can be an essential item in the total cost of completing the project. Besides, other materials that will be used to connect the pipes will also be covered under this heading.

Location of the Water Line to be Replaced

Water lines are usually underground. As a result, plumbers have to open up the land, jackhammer into concrete, and excavate the ground to get to the water lines. Easy access to water lines means lower costs and vice versa.

Permits Needed for Water Line Replacement

You would need to obtain permits since you will be working on public property. Permit costs are usually based on the length of the water line. The cost of the permits can range from $200 to $1500, depending on your location.

Labor Required for Water Line Replacement

You are dealing with professional labor. Therefore, you will be charged accordingly. Some plumbers charge as much as $200 per hour while some plumbers charge per foot.

Considering the pipes, material costs, labor, and other costs, the total cost of a water line replacement ranges from $7,000 to $12,000. However, you can receive a lower bill depending on your bargaining power.

Poly B Water Line Replacement

Poly B, also known as Polybutylene, is the popular flexible grey poor commonly used in the plumbing services of residential homes and the hot water system. Its choice was based on its flexibility, ease of installation, and low cost.

However, Poly B pipes were discontinued due to unprecedented fail that caused losses worth millions of dollars. Meanwhile, you can hire Urban Piping for Poly B water line replacement in your home. We assure you of an exhilarating experience.

Choosing Urban Piping for Poly B water line replacement will help you avoid Poly B issues in your home. You only have to tell us what you need; we will help you.

Water Line Replacement Resources

Water Line Replacement articles curated by our team of professional plumbers to help you with any Water Line Replacement information that you may be looking for.

The trenchless replacement of water lines is swift and efficient. It is also reliable. Our team of highly skilled experts in Urban Piping will take care of everything so you can unwind and relax during the process. Furthermore, our rates are amazing. You can’t get a cheaper deal elsewhere. Contact us now to arrange your free appointment for water lines that are trenchless!

Urban Piping is proud to provide trenchless water line installations as an efficient and innovative solution to your primary as well as underground line construction requirements. It is a less damaging method of fixing or replacing your line of water without large excavation and disruption of your home or property. The latest technology allows our experienced professionals to quickly and effortlessly fix or change your line while minimizing impact to your home or your business.

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