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Waste disposal units are necessary home appliances that help to get rid of food waste without hassles or consequences. Of course, there are several types of water disposal units in Canada, but the focus of this article will be on the most popular and trusted brands. To provide a reasonable standpoint, we will analyze the products of these brands as well as their features, strengths, and downsides. Also, we will examine the reliability of the devices.

Sink Waste Disposal Units

InSinkErator Garburator Installation Calgary


InSinkErator is our number one choice brand of garburators Installation in Canada. The brand has earned an excellent opinion of several users over the years as the most dependable builder of water disposal units. InSinkErator Badger 5 is the best product attesting to the top quality products by InSinkErator.

InSinkErator Badger 5 comes with a 1/2 horsepower motor, a 26-oz grind chamber capacity, a dishwasher drain connection, a wall switch, 12-5/8 inches height, and two years warranty. It is one of the most recommended InSinkErator garburator installation by several users and plumbers. And it also requires the least amount of garburator repair services.

Best Garburator Install Calgary


InSinkErator is a highly reliable garburator installation with high quality, functionality, and durability as its strengths. This product can serve for five straight, uninterrupted years. And InSinkErator offers two years warranty covering labor cost and cost of replacement parts. This product has a good reputation, quality, and reliability.  It is quieter than other models. However, this product can corrode and rust if not used.

InSinkErator is a USA brand, and it is easy-to-install, unlike other waste disposal units. This brand makes strong and durable garburators that can take care of almost all kinds of food waste.

InSinkErator Badger 5 is packaged with a stopper, tailpipe gasket, tailpipe, jam-buster wrench, lock sink mount, and installation instructions.

General Electric Garburator Install Calgary (GE) (https://www.geapplianceparts.com/)

GE (General Electric) is a household name as regards home appliances. GE also manufactures garburators of diverse models. The best model of this brand for consideration is General Electric GFC520V. This model is designed for great grinding action that makes it shreds food waste easily.

GE GFC520V comes with a 1/2 horsepower motor with more than 2800 rpm, 12.69 inches height, removable splash guard and two swivel blades made from stainless steel that are anti-jam, a manual reset overload protector, an armature shaft material from carbon-steel, galvanized steel turntable, and stainless-steel sink flange.


General Electric’s GFC520V ranks well, and it is reliable for the task it is designed for without making excessive noise. It is affordable and of good quality. The model is easy-to-use; however, it could be difficult to install without experience.

The durability and longevity of this model depend on proper maintenance. Meanwhile, this garburator does not make noise regardless of the type of food waste put into it.

General Electric’s GFC520V requires regular use and maintenance practices; else, it will rust and become short-lived.

Whirlaway Garburator Install Calgary (http://www.waste-king.com/)

Whirlaway brand is a product line of  Waste King. The brand is among the major market shareholders of garburators in Canada. For the purpose of this review, Whirlaway 291 will be selected as the best product of the brand. Whirlaway 291 is the favorite of several homeowners due to its lower price tag compared to other brands on the market.

Whirlaway 291 comes with 1/2 horsepower and built-in magnet motor, a grinder with corrosion resistant components, blades having a side-to-side motion, removable splashguard, and EZ mount system. Its total weight is about 8.7 pounds.


Whirlaway 291 is quieter, lighter, and it is much easier to have this garburator installation complete. It can be installed without the help of professionals. Besides, this brand has a grinder with corrosion resistant components, which make it last longer than many waste disposal units. Meanwhile, its removable splash guard makes it easy to clean.

This brand cannot compare to InSinkErator regarding functionality, but it is a lot cheaper. Besides, Whirlaway 291 is best for grinding small particles and light food waste. Large particles could make this garburator jam. However, if you use it with only small particles, you are assured of fantastic longevity.

The only downsides of this brand or model include less power capacity and noise when working.

KitchenAid Garburator Install Calgary (https://www.kitchenaid.com/)

There is no way you mention home appliances without referring to your KitchenAid brand. This brand is known for reliability and high level of functionality. KitchenAid models of waste disposal units have earned respect and trust of many users across the country. Meanwhile, we will pick Kitchen Aid KCDB250G for this review.

Kitchen Aid KCDB250G is a continuous feed waste disposal unit, and it comes with 1/2 horsepower motor with a speed of 1725 rpm for effective grinding of even the toughest food waste. This model works with or without a cover for quick shredding of food waste. The benefits garburator is packaged with a stainless steel mount. It also features a grinding chamber with polystyrene insulation and overload protection with manual reset.


Kitchen Aid KCDB250G is a reliable brand and model that comes with a lower price tag than other garburators with its class of specification. In addition to its affordable price, it is also easy-to-install without requiring technical expertise. Also, you can trust this brand for efficiency and greater longevity.

The downsides to this model are one year warranty provided for it, and it can also be a noise maker. This brand ranks after InSinkErator, General Electric, and Waste King. It is also noteworthy to state that the materials used for this model are made from galvanized steel instead of the normal stainless steel.

Waste King Garburator Install Calgary (http://www.waste-king.com/)

Waste King is among the leading garburator brands in Canada. The manufacturer also uses the same name as a brand name for its line of disposal units. The brand is trusted and reliable; many users recommend this brand. We shall pick Waste King L-8000 (Legend 8000) for this review.

Waste King L-8000 is a continuous feed disposal unit with one horsepower motor at the massive speed of 2800 rpm. It has swivel impellers that reduce jamming and removable splash guards.


Waste King brand is highly reliable and effective. The grind components are well-insulated for reduced grinding noise. Also, this model’s grinding chamber is glass-filled nylon for reduced corrosion.

The best thing about this model is the lifetime in-home and corrosion warranty provided by the manufacturer. Waste King is a brand loved by people who have used it.

The market is full of choices to be made concerning the best waste disposal unit for your kitchen. The garburator can make or break the peace in your kitchen and give you severe headaches if you choose the wrong unit. InSinkErator remains the number one choice among several brands of garburators on the market.

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