Poly B Piping Calgary – Remediation Service Photos

Here are some photos of a complete remediation service done to a SE Calgary home. Urban Piping came through to take care of everything including pipe replacement, drywall, painting, and finishing. Another happy customer. [...]

Poly B Piping Edmonton – Replacement Service

Here is another Poly B Replacement Job done in edmonton in which the customer had been having leaks throughout their home and decided enough is enough and to get the nasty grey pipe out of [...]

Poly B Piping Calgary – Replacement Service

Here we have a Poly B Piping Replacement service done to another Calgary Home. This homeowner had been having leaks off and on in numerous places in their home and decided that removing the poly [...]

Poly B Replacement in Edmonton Home

Here is another Poly B Replacement job completed to an Edmonton Home. This homeowner wanted to complete the painting at the end of the service so we left the house in "prepared to paint" condition [...]

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