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Poly B Replacement in Townhomes

Discover the ultimate solution for townhome owners facing the challenges of Poly B plumbing. Urban Piping specializes in providing comprehensive, customized Poly B replacement services, designed to enhance the safety, value, and longevity of your home.

 With our expert team, state-of-the-art materials, and a commitment to minimal disruption, we ensure a seamless transition to reliable plumbing for your townhome. Trust us to safeguard your property and deliver peace of mind through exceptional service.

Critical Concerns for Townhome Owners

Pipe Failures

Poly B piping is notorious for its high failure rate due to its vulnerability to leaks and bursts. These failures can lead to extensive water damage, particularly problematic in the interconnected structures of townhomes where one unit’s problem can quickly become a complex-wide issue.

Insurance Issues

Many insurers now recognize the risks associated with Poly B piping, leading to increased premiums or refusal to insure properties until the piping is replaced. This can place significant financial strain on homeowners and strata boards alike.

Multi-Unit Replacement Management

Coordinating the replacement of Poly B piping in a townhome complex involves managing multiple stakeholders, ensuring minimal disruption, and keeping to a schedule that suits all parties. This complexity necessitates a well-organized, experienced team capable of handling such projects efficiently.

Our Comprehensive Poly B Replacement Process for Townhome Complexes

Step 1

urbanpiping consulation 1600x1200 1 | Urban Piping

In-Depth Consultation

Prior to any work, we conduct an in-depth consultation for each townhome, detailing the scope of work and the planned schedule, ensuring all parties are informed and prepared.
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Step 2

On-Site Project Management

An off-site project manager is assigned to oversee the entire project, coordinating with unit owners and board members, managing schedules, and ensuring smooth communication throughout.
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Step 3

Protection and Replacement

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Step 4

Pre-Restoration Walkthrough

Each unit undergoes a thorough walkthrough with the owner or a board member, providing an opportunity to review the work completed before moving forward with restoration efforts.
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Step 5

Restoration and Cleanup

Following replacement, we meticulously restore affected areas to their original condition and conduct a final cleanup, ensuring your townhome is left in impeccable shape.
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Step 6

Final Approval

The project concludes with a meeting between the homeowner and our project manager or coordinator, securing final approval and ensuring complete satisfaction with the work done.
Don’t let Poly B piping jeopardize the safety and value of your townhome. Urban Piping specializes in seamless, efficient replacements, ensuring your home is protected for the future. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive consultation and take the first step towards a worry-free plumbing system.
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