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Explore Urban Piping’s premier solution for homeowners grappling with Poly B plumbing challenges in their single detached homes. Specializing in Poly B replacement, we excel with a deep understanding of the specific plumbing needs and concerns unique to standalone residences.

Our services are designed to ensure the structural integrity and value of your home, transitioning you to safer and more reliable plumbing systems. Experience a hassle-free upgrade to your plumbing system, enhancing your home’s safety and ensuring your life remains uninterrupted, with every project completed cleanly and efficiently.


Poly B Piping Issues in Single Detached Homes

Risk of Plumbing Failure

Living in a single detached home with Poly B piping puts your property at risk for leaks and bursts that can cause extensive damage.

Insurance Complications

As insurers become more aware of the risks associated with Poly B, you may face difficulties with claims or increased premiums for your single detached home.

Health Risks from Old Pipes

Chemical leaching from aging Poly B pipes can contaminate your water supply, posing health risks to your family.

Reduced Home Appeal

Poly B plumbing can significantly lower the attractiveness and market value of your single detached home, complicating future sales.

Costly Emergency Repairs

Unexpected plumbing failures in single detached homes can lead to high repair costs and potential displacement.

Loss of Peace of Mind

The constant threat of plumbing issues can undermine your comfort and security at home.


Expert Poly B Replacement for Single Detached Homes

Tailored Piping Solutions

Urban Piping provides customized Poly B replacement solutions for single detached homes, using Grade A PEX for maximum durability and safety.

Enhanced Property Value

Our specialized replacement services not only secure your plumbing but also enhance the market value of your single detached home.

Restored Insurance Benefits

Replacing your Poly B pipes can help you secure better insurance terms, lowering premiums and ensuring your claims are accepted.

Superior Water Quality

Our Grade A PEX replacements eliminate harmful leaching, ensuring your water supply is clean and safe for daily use.

Avoid Disasters

Proactively replacing Poly B piping in your home prevents catastrophic failures, saving you from unexpected hassles and expenses.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy the comfort and security of knowing your home’s plumbing system is up to date and fully functional.

A New Standard of Home Comfort

Imagine relaxing in your home with complete confidence in your plumbing, knowing that your investment is secure, your water is safe, and your insurance is uncomplicated. Urban Piping makes this peace of mind a reality for single detached home owners.


Trust The Company That Pioneered the Poly B Replacement

Step 1

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Protect Your Home

First, we plastic wrap and cover your home where work will take place. This includes covering all flooring and furniture so your home and belongings are completed protected during the Poly B™ remediation process.
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Step 2

Begin Poly B™ Replacement

Then we begin the remediation process by accessing pipes through the drywall. Old lines are pulled out of the walls and ceiling where necessary and replaced with new piping.
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Step 3

Restore Your Home

After the remediation of the Poly B™ pipes is complete we then fix all holes in the drywall and ceiling where necessary as well as paint match your home’s paint to its original colours.
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Step 4

Clean Your Home

Then we clean the house and ensure that it is in the same condition that is was upon our arrival. After a walk through with yourself checking over our work we then settle up with you and your Poly B™ issues are no more.

Secure Your Single Detached Home Today

Transform Your Home with Expert Poly B Replacement Don’t wait for plumbing problems to disrupt your life. Contact Urban Piping today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a safer, more valuable home.

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