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Poly B Replacement for Heating Systems

Urban Piping is a pioneer in plumbing solutions, specializing in the replacement of Poly B piping in in-floor heating and radiant baseboard heating systems. Our expertise in navigating the complexities of Poly B plumbing in heating systems sets us apart, ensuring your in-floor heating operates with unmatched efficiency and reliability. With Urban Piping, transition to superior piping solutions and enjoy a consistently warm and comfortable environment in your home.

Urgent Needs for Replacing Polybutylene in Heating Systems

Risk of System Failures

Polybutylene pipes, once favored for in-floor heating due to their cost and flexibility, are now notorious for their high failure rate. Leaks and bursts can severely impact system performance, leading to property damage and a compromised heating experience.

Insurance Challenges

The known risks of Poly B pipes have led insurers to increase premiums or deny coverage for systems not yet upgraded. This makes timely replacement not just a matter of system integrity but also financial prudence, as it directly impacts insurance terms and costs.

Finding Qualified Contractors is Challenging

The specialized nature of in-floor heating systems requires expert handling that goes beyond standard plumbing skills. Urban Piping’s specialized expertise in Poly B replacement for heating systems ensures that your project is managed by professionals adept at navigating these complexities, making the transition smooth and efficient.

Our Poly B Replacement Process for In-Floor Heating Systems

Step 1

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Detailed System Assessment

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your in-floor heating system to identify all Poly B components, allowing for a strategic replacement plan that minimizes disruption and preserves your home’s integrity.
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Step 2

Custom Replacement Plan Development

Urban Piping’s engineers craft a bespoke solution tailored to your system’s needs, exploring options such as matching the existing setup, integrating furnaces with ducting, converting to baseboard heating, or installing mini split systems, ensuring the best outcome for your space.
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Step 3

Precision-Driven Replacement Replacement with No Downtime

Our team proceeds with the removal of Poly B pipes, replacing them with superior PEX piping. This step is carried out with meticulous care to ensure seamless integration with your heating system, enhancing its durability and performance.
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Step 4

System Testing and Optimization

Following installation, we conduct exhaustive testing to ensure your heating system operates flawlessly, making any necessary adjustments to optimize performance and efficiency, ensuring your space is heated evenly and comfortably.
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Step 5

Final Review and Cleanup

We conclude with a comprehensive cleanup and a final walkthrough, ensuring your satisfaction with the project and leaving your home in pristine condition, with a heating system that’s more reliable and efficient than ever.
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Working with the Best in the Industry

Urban Piping collaborates closely with top boiler manufacturers like Rheem, IBC, and Rinnai to develop custom heating solutions suited for both standard and custom-built homes, ensuring the highest quality and performance.
Avoid the pitfalls of Poly B piping in your heating system with Urban Piping’s expert replacement services. Enjoy enhanced reliability, efficiency, and the comforting warmth of an upgraded in-floor heating system. Contact us today to start planning your heating system’s transformation.
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