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Poly B Replacement in Condos

Discover Urban Piping’s premier solution for condo owners grappling with Poly B plumbing challenges. Specializing in Poly B replacement, we stand out with our deep understanding of the specific needs within residential complexes. 

Our services are designed to ensure the structural integrity and value of your condo, transitioning you to safer and more reliable plumbing systems without any downtime or mess, thanks to our innovative KITRAX system and Plumbing Tracks Video. Experience a hassle-free upgrade to your plumbing system, keeping your home safe and your life uninterrupted.

Critical Concerns for Condo Owners

Risk of Pipe Failures

The notorious failure rate of Poly B piping, leading to leaks and bursts, poses a significant risk in condos. Such issues can quickly escalate across units, causing extensive damage and loss of value.

Insurance Issues

The well-documented risks of Poly B piping often lead to insurance challenges, including higher premiums or coverage denial, until the pipes are replaced. This makes the upgrade not just prudent but essential.

Multi-Unit Replacement Management

Managing Poly B replacement in a condo complex demands experienced coordination to minimize disruption and adhere to schedules, ensuring all residents are promptly and effectively served.

Our Comprehensive Poly B Replacement Process for Condos

Step 1

urbanpiping consulation 1600x1200 1 | Urban Piping

Personalized Consultation

Before any work begins, we engage with each condo owner to detail the scope, plan the schedule, and ensure complete understanding and preparedness for the replacement process.
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Step 2

Protect Your Home

We prioritize your condo’s interior, using durable plastic sheeting to protect your space fully. This step is crucial to maintain your living area’s integrity and appearance throughout the process.
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Step 3

Innovative Replacement with No Downtime

Utilizing the KITRAX system and showcasing our approach through the Plumbing Tracks Video, we ensure a swift and efficient replacement process. Our method means there’s no need for residents to vacate their homes, eliminating displacement and inconvenience.
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Step 4

Restoration to Perfection

Following the piping upgrade, we meticulously restore any affected areas, ensuring your condo’s aesthetic is seamlessly maintained, matching original paint and finishes.
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Step 5

Final Walkthrough and Satisfaction

The project concludes with a thorough cleanup and a detailed walkthrough to guarantee that every aspect of our work meets your high standards and that your condo is left in pristine condition.
urbanpiping poly b replacement final 1600x1200 1 | Urban Piping

Step 6

Additional Support

Recognizing the unique needs of condo living, we offer 24/7 project management as an additional service, ensuring seamless communication and coordination throughout the project.
With Urban Piping, transitioning from Poly B to PEX is a seamless, hassle-free experience designed around the comfort and needs of condo residents. Contact us today for a consultation and start your journey towards a safer, more reliable plumbing system in your condo.
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