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Urban Piping Ltd. is the leader in Poly B™ Replacement in Canada. With multiple Canadian offices we can service nearly every part of western Canada. Our Polybutylene pipe replacement service offers a complete re-piping, drywall, and paint repair for any commercial or residential building. All Poly B™ replacement work is done in house by Urban Piping and we do not hire any outside contractors. We are licensed, professional, and insured plumbers with decades of experience. Our business holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and hold hundreds of 5 star reviews online.

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We require your address in order to pull blueprints of your home to quote the required work as accurately as possible.

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The Only Poly B™ Replacement Company with an in-house Drywall Department.

Trust The Company That Pioneered the Poly B Replacement Process

Step 1

Protect Your Home

First, we plastic wrap and cover your home where work will take place. This includes covering all flooring and furniture so your home and belongings are completed protected during the Poly B™ remediation process.

Step 2

Begin Poly B™ Replacement

Then we begin the remediation process by accessing pipes through the drywall. Old lines are pulled out of the walls and ceiling where necessary and replaced with new piping.

Step 3

Restore Your Home

After the remediation of the Poly B™ pipes is complete we then fix all holes in the drywall and ceiling where necessary as well as paint match your home’s paint to its original colours.

Step 4

Clean Your Home

Then we clean the house and ensure that it is in the same condition that is was upon our arrival. After a walk through with yourself checking over our work we then settle up with you and your Poly B™ issues are no more.

Poly B Replacement Remediation Solutions

Urban Piping offers specialized Poly B replacement services tailored to a variety of property types. Our expertise ensures that whether you live in a single detached home, a condo, a townhome, or require specialized solutions for in-floor heating systems, you receive the highest standard of service tailored to the unique needs of your property.

Single Detached Homes

Single Detached Homes

Our flagship service focuses on providing single detached homeowners with a complete Poly B replacement solution that includes not just the piping work but also drywall and paint repair, all done in-house by our skilled and experienced team.

Not All Poly B Replacement Companies Are Created Equal

Choosing a Poly B Replacement company is crucial for quality work. Urban Piping, with its seasoned experience and in-house skilled tradesmen, has dominated the industry for almost 2 decades. The qualifications below highlight the unique factors that position Urban Piping as the leading choice for Poly B Piping and replacement services in Canada.
plumber 1 | Urban Piping

15 Years Specialized Poly B™ Piping Experience

Urban Piping boasts 15 years of specialized experience in Poly B™ piping and Poly B replacement, ensuring a deep understanding and expertise in handling Poly B pipe replacement projects.

team | Urban Piping

In-House Team Versus Subcontracting

Urban Piping employs an in-house team of skilled tradesmen for all Poly B piping and replacement tasks, ensuring seamless workflow, high-quality workmanship, and accountability on every project, unlike the potential challenges tied to subcontracting that include warranty issues, liability issues, workmanship issues, and deadline failures.
high quality | Urban Piping

Guaranteed 100% Poly B Pipe Removal

Urban Piping guarantees complete removal of old Poly B pipes, ensuring a thorough and professional Poly B replacement service.
processing time | Urban Piping

Guaranteed Time Frames for Poly B Replacement

Time frame guarantees are provided to assure clients of timely project completion. Urban Piping commits to a 72-hour time frame for just Poly B piping replacement and 10 business days for complete remediation service.
pipe | Urban Piping

Piping Warranty on Poly B Replacement

Urban Piping offers a robust 25-year warranty on Poly B piping with Class A PEX Pipe, alongside a 2-year service warranty that covers drywall, texture, and taper work in Poly B replacement projects, ensuring a comprehensive guarantee on the entire service provided.
room | Urban Piping

Poly Off Inactive Rooms During Poly B Replacement

Urban Piping utilizes poly sheeting to seal off inactive rooms, preventing dust and debris from spreading throughout the house during the Poly B replacement project.
paving | Urban Piping

Drywall, Texture, and Taper Warranty in Poly B Projects

The 2-year service warranty also covers drywall, texture, and taper work in Poly B replacement projects, ensuring a comprehensive guarantee on the entire service provided.
relationship | Urban Piping

Afford to Cover the Warranty on Poly B Replacement

Urban Piping’s solid financial standing ensures that they can afford to cover the warranty on Poly B replacement projects, providing an added layer of trust and reliability.
dust | Urban Piping

4 Stage Hepa Filter for Dust Mitigation in Poly B Projects

Employing a 4-stage Hepa filter, Urban Piping effectively mitigates dust during Poly B Piping and replacement projects, ensuring a cleaner work environment.
solution | Urban Piping

Comprehensive Remediations in Poly B Replacement

Urban Piping has handled hundreds of Poly B™ replacement remediations, showcasing a rich history of experience and successful project completions in the Poly B™ piping domain.
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Professional Cleaning Services Post Poly B Replacement

Post-project professional cleaning services are offered to restore the serviced area to a pristine condition after Poly B replacement.
blueprint | Urban Piping

Poly B Replacement Case Studies

Urban Piping provides case studies that showcase their expertise and successful Poly B replacement project completions, offering prospective clients a glimpse into their quality of work with picture proof in the Poly B piping domain.

hard hat | Urban Piping

WCB Coverage Zero Safety Incidents in Poly B Projects

With WCB coverage and a record of zero safety incidents, Urban Piping places a high emphasis on maintaining a safe work environment during Poly B piping and replacement projects.
medal | Urban Piping

Pioneered the Poly B Replacement Industry

Urban Piping’s innovative approaches have contributed to pioneering efforts within the Poly B replacement industry, establishing them as leaders in Poly B piping solutions.
positive review | Urban Piping

Reviews on Poly B Replacement Services

Positive reviews and testimonials reflect the high level of satisfaction among Urban Piping’s clients, showcasing their reliability and quality of service in Poly B replacement.
network | Urban Piping

References for Poly B Replacement Projects

Providing references, Urban Piping allows prospective clients to verify their competency and customer satisfaction from past Poly B replacement projec
symbol | Urban Piping

BBB A+ Rating for Poly B Piping Services

The Better Business Bureau’s A+ rating of Urban Piping reflects the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices in the Poly B piping and replacement sector.
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Project Management Software for Poly B Piping Projects

Utilizing project management software with documented processes, Urban Piping ensures organized, timely, and efficient execution of Poly B replacement projects.

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Poly B™ FAQ Videos

Here is our Poly B™ Replacement Newscast as well 31 Poly B™ FAQ videos to help our customers with all of the commonly asked questions we typically get asked about Poly B™ Piping.

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Poly B™ Replacement – Know The Facts

We are local experts on Poly B™ Replacement in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and all surrounding areas. Our team of Poly B™ Plumbing Specialists have completed more Poly B™ Replacement work than any other plumbing company.

Poly B™ Piping Services

Poly B™ piping, also referred to as polybutylene piping, was a plastic grey plumbing pipe commonly used in residential water systems throughout North America. Typically, Poly B™ piping is found in homes built between 1985-1997 and with homes that received renovations during that time frame.

Poly B™ piping turned out to be a very temperamental product. The piping breaks down over time due to Chlorine, Fluoride, excess pressure, and environmental factors including exposure to UV rays.


Brief History of Poly B™ Piping

Shell and Dupoint struck up a partnership plumbing deal in the early eighties and quickly engineered a flexible grey plastic pipe called “Polybutylene” or “Poly B™” for short. They wasted no time putting this product to market and we are not claiming that were paid off, but there have even been reports that state members of the CSA and ASA were paid off in order to have the plumbing pipe quickly put on the market.


Poly B™ Piping was Revolutionary at the Time

This new Poly B™ pipe was praised by plumbers as the most revolutionary plumbing product of the century. Poly B™ was inexpensive, very easy to install, and required less joints typical of copper piping.

Because things that are too good to be true often aren’t what they seem, Poly B™ received its first documented lawsuit in 1991 where a community in the southern USA came home to find their Poly B™ pipes leaking and their homes flooding with water. Since then we have seen Poly B™ piping be the cause of the biggest lawsuits ever in North American plumbing history.

Read More: A Brief History of Poly B™ Lawsuits and Home Litigation

The Poly B Pipe Lawsuit

The Poly B Pipe Lawsuit has had a lasting impact on millions of homeowners, stemming from the widespread use of faulty polybutylene pipes between 1985 and 1997. These pipes are prone to degradation, oxidation, and fitting failures, leading to costly water damage and repairs. If you suspect your home has polybutylene pipes, it's crucial to have them replaced. Urban Piping Ltd. is the Canadian leader in Poly B™ pipe replacement, offering comprehensive services to address this issue.


To learn more about the lawsuit, its impacts, and solutions, visit Urban Piping's in-depth article on the Poly B Pipe Lawsuit.

Ways to Identify Poly B Piping

It is crucial to know how to identify Poly B pipes in your home, especially if you are living in an older home or you are interested in purchasing one. Here are a few things to check through when trying to figure out if you have poly b piping in your home.

Find Out When Your Home Was Built

The first way to know if Poly B piping was used in your home is to check when your home was built. If your home was constructed between 1985 and 1997, and that you have not carried out extensive plumbing renovations in the home, you may have poly b piping in your home.

Identify Poly B Piping by Color
Look out for Poly B in your home by its colors. Polybutylene piping comes in silvery gray, blue, and blank colors. Silvery gray and black colors were used interchangeably for both indoor and outdoor uses while blue poly B pipes were mainly used for cold water.

Look for Poly B Stamping on the Plumbing Pipes

Poly B pipes have identifiable stamping on them. Although they are flexible and sometimes have color codes as explained above, they are also made from plastic material and have the letters “PB” preceding a string of numbers imprinted on them. The most common stamping on polybutylene pipes is “PB2110.” If you see these numbers, contact a plumber and have them quote you on a poly b replacement for the building.

Checking Plumbing Installation Locations

There are certain areas to check in the home for Poly B pipes. For the outdoor location, check the main water shut-off valve for Poly B pipes, especially at the water meter when coming in from the basement. For indoor area, check the basement ceilings and walls, feeding into sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and also around the hot water heaters.

Check Hidden Places for Different Plumbing Pipes
You have to look further for Poly B by removing the panels behind the toilets, tubs, and showers and under sinks to expose the plumbing pipes. There may be galvanized steel or copper pipe fittings used to connect Poly B pipes behind the walls.

Check Plumbing Fitting Locations

Another way to know if Poly B pipes were used in your home is to look out for aluminum, copper, or brass crimp fittings that plumbers used to link different Poly B pipes to plumbing joints and fittings. The sight of these fittings is a good place to check if there is any poly b piping connected in your home.

Hire a Professional Poly B Plumber

If you are unsure how to check, you should hire a professional Poly B plumber who has the right training and experience in finding the Poly B pipes in homes. As long as the age of your home falls within the time frame when Poly B piping was introduced, do not take chances; let a professional help you out.

Poly B pipes do not show signs of wear and tear from the outside, even when they look completely okay. Poly B pipes are damaged by oxidants in the public water supply, harsh weather, and water pressure. So, there is no way you can tell that the polybutylene pipes in your home are in perfect condition. Avoid water damage by a sudden burst of Poly B pipes may require emergency plumbing and timely poly b replacement. Contact us if you require any assistance.

Poly B Replacement is becoming more and more common however determining the Cost to replace poly b piping can get a little complex. The damage from having Poly B piping your home is no longer breaking news. Most houses that contain Poly B piping are now replacing them with PEX piping.

Read More: Poly B to PEX Piping - Making the Switch

The damage caused by Poly B piping is as a result of the chemical properties used in the production of this pipe. Ready to change your Poly B pipe to PEX pipes and you do not know how much it will cost you? This article breaks down the cost of replacing Poly B.

Replace Poly B Piping with PEX Piping:

The size of the House that Contains Poly B Piping:

The bigger the house, the more the pipes to be used in replacing or fixing the Poly B piping. If you own a big structure, you should think of increasing your budget.
The Materials that the Poly B Replacement Will Need:

The more materials that need to be replaced the more cash required to purchase these items. Given a structure that has much plumbing fittings like showers, sinks, toilet, etc, there will be a need for more replacement piping to connect to all the plumbing features of a home.

The Type of Poly B Replacement Materials used:

Considering the fact that you have chosen the PEX pipe, there are different types of PEX pipe, and their prices are different, you might want to check the less expensive option or the most expensive one. This is going to affect the total cost of replacing the Poly B pipes.

Read More: Differences Between Classes of PEX Piping

Amount of Drywall Removed and Replaced during Poly B Remediation:

The more drywall removed, the more the drywall that will be replaced. This will determine the quantity of drywall that one will buy. Buying more drywall means an additional cost to the total cost of your Poly B replacement work.

The Plumbing, Drywall and Painting Labor:

Getting poly b piping replaced by an unskilled roadside plumber may end up doing more damage and later on costing you more. One should be extremely careful not to contract quacks. Urban piping has done more Poly B replacement work than any other company and all work is done 100% by Urban Piping Ltd. We do not subcontract.

Read Warning About Sub-contracting Poly B Replacement Here: 

Number of Bathrooms that have Poly B Piping:

The number of bathroom will have an effect on the cost of poly b replacement. If the plumbing system of a home has the bathrooms stacked on top of each other this may reduce the cost of replacement services.

Property Location:
The cost of things, in general, are usually effected by the location of your property. If materials have to be shipped far distances this can effect cost and one should take into account the provincial tax rates that come along with acquiring the plumbing materials.

The cost of replacing Poly B piping runs typically from $7000-$20000 CAD:

This is for a complete replacement including replacement piping, labour, parts, drywall, painting, and clean-up.

  1. The cost of the parts for replacement runs from $2000-$3000 based on the above-mentioned factors
  2. Labor charges $4000-$8000 also based on the factors mentioned above, ranging from the local plumber to the corporate professionals.
  3. Dry Walls cost $4000-10000 still looking at the above-mentioned factor which is the number of drywall to be replaced.
  4. Painting after the job is done runs from $400-$900, of course, the size of the house to be painted matters and the quality of the paint.
  5. Total cost from start to finishing runs around $7000-$20000

Read: Poly B Drywall Repair - Best Practices

Tips for Hiring a Poly B Contractor:
Find a Plumbing and Poly B Replacement Contractor with Experience:
The years one has stayed in a business should be considered while hiring. Years of practicing is what makes one an expert. Plumbers that have stayed long in the business have upper hand because they have encountered more problems than the other startup plumbers.

Ensure the Poly B Replacement Company has a Proper License:

This is key, get a licensed contractor if you can’t get one stay in the house with the Poly B pipes. The license shows that they have been approved by the government of that jurisdiction to take on plumbing jobs and they have met all necessary requirements.

Check the Plumbing Company for Insurance:

Getting a contractor with insurance is usually not considered by homeowners. But this is a very important aspect of hiring. Your contractor should not just have insurance alone but liability and workers compensation just in case. So you won’t be incurring liability charges. This might also protect your property in case of any damages.

Always Check Poly B Pipe Replacement Reviews and References:

While hiring make sure you work with reviews of those that have been clients to the plumber you intend hiring. Most high-rated plumbers have websites where you can actually check for their customers’ review.

Ask for Photos of Poly B Replacement Work:

Ask for pictures of your contractor’s previous works, if they are good at what they do they happily share the pictures with you.

WARNING: Don't Hire a Poly B Pipe Replacement Company that Subcontracts!

Check if the contractors are subcontracting parts of the job. This has become a huge problem. At Urban Piping, we do not subcontract and all plumbing, painting, and drywall is done in house 100% by Urban Piping. has a great article to read about warning signs of hiring a poly b contractor. This article can be found here:

Poly B to PEX Piping – Make the Switch!

Suffering water leakages caused from Poly B Piping? It’s probably one of those structures built in the ’80s and ’90s and was piped with the legendary Polybutylene also known as Poly B. Poly B piping. Majority of home owners are now renovating and switching to PEX A piping to ensure no surprise leakages will effect their homes.


What is Class A PEX Piping

PEX is polyethylene that has all it’s polymer chains joined chemically as it undergoes a transformation process in the molecular structure. The polymer chains are cross-linked with each other creating a three-dimensional network. This process leads to flexible thermoset polymer, having enhanced chemical, thermal and mechanical properties that proves itself to be long lasting when dealing with plumbing systems.

PE means polyethylene while the X symbolizes the cross-linking. You can as well say it’s cross-linked polyethylene.


Commercial Cross-Linking

Commercial cross-linking was started in 1968 with the use of high-pressure peroxide known as PEXa. It requires the addition of liquid peroxide in a small quantity to HDPE in a monitored building under normal temperature. The next cross-linking achieved a higher and better result with pipes cross-linked up to 85 percent. Some PEX pipes have the unique ability to expand under pressure and contract back to normal when the pressure is not present. This occurs because of the flexibility of the PEX pipe.


Some Comparable Qualities –  Poly B to PEX Piping

  • The brief information above shows that PEX is as a result of the reaction gotten from a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This piping is used all over the world, and it is currently the best approach on the market to replace Poly B piping.
  • The process of manufacturing anything at all is very important. Let’s examine the manufacturing process. During PEX production, the polymer chains connect with each other, and this connection is called “Cross-Linking,” this is not applicable in Poly B manufacturing processes.
  • One of the significant and outstanding qualities of the PEX A is pressure tolerance. The PEX A has a high-pressure tolerance capacity unlike the Poly B piping systems. The manufacturers of Poly B pipes previously tried to improve the pressure tolerance but did not have any success.

Other important factors to consider...

  • The PEX A pipe does not react with chlorine, but Poly B does reacts with chlorine. When one Poly B gets in contact with water containing chlorine, it results to slow deterioration, ruptures and leakages. This is different for the PEX A piping.
  • Both of these products are strong to water pressure when they are newly installed but the PEX A pipe is known to be stronger, lasts longer, and is more flexible.
  • The cross-linking feature in the manufacturing process of PEX A has left the pipe to be known as the most favorable and reliable plumbing pipe today. The Poly B does not have this cross-linking feature.

Why use PEX A Piping for Poly B Replacement

We will discuss some exceptional qualities of the PEX A pipe, that makes it the perfect pipe for Poly B replacement.

  1. Exceptional Flexibility

    The PEX A pipe is seen to be the best because of the ability to stand impacts and freezing. It’s flexibility also allow it to withstand pressure more than any other pipe. The feature of expanding and contrasting of the pipe under pressure is as a result of its flexibility.

  2. Resistance to Chemicals

    Chlorine comes to mind. The PEX A pipe is highly resistant to many chemicals; these are silicones, glycols, urethane foam, acid and bases, and latex paints.
  3. PEX A Piping is Easy to install

    The  PEX pipe is easy to install because of its Flexibility and a unique joining technique. This pipe requires no glue nor soldering in the process of installation, and they also do not tend to produce a flame.
  4. PEX A Piping is a Very Strong Pipe

    The PEX A pipe is proven to be the strongest pipe plus a top of the range pressure ratings. This means the pressure or weight of water in it does nothing to the pipe
  5. PEX A Piping is Very Reliable

    This PEX A pipe is reliable in the sense that it has been in usage for over 40yrs, which makes it the right replacement for Poly B piping.
  6. PEX A Piping is Resistance to Corrosion

    The PEX A pipe is strong and not open to corrosion from soil or water. This pipe barely leaks no matter how bad the situation is.
  7. PEX A Piping is Environmentally Friendly

    PEX A pipe is the only pipe that has been recorded to be environmentally friendly because of the following stated reasons Bellow;
  • The weight is light, and the cost of transporting it is very low
  • There is no chlorine added in the production process of this PEX A unlike that of Poly B
  • Efficient and  fast delivery of hot water through the pipes
  • Heat loss is reduced and as well as condensation
  • The durability and the longevity of the PEX A pipe have passed the test of time. 50 years on the average that sounds like forever
  • Production of the PEX A does not require mining of ore as do other pipes


The difference is now made know you can now choose which is your best pipe among these. PEX A pipe is generally accepted everywhere for piping projects while the Poly B is no longer accepted. PEX A is the best replacement piping for Poly B plumbing systems to date.

Be sure to read this article from on choosing a Poly B Contractor and adhere by the warning against hiring a plumbing company that subcontracts there work:

What Causes Poly B Piping to Leak?

  1. High levels or free chlorine exist in the water supply causing leakage throughout the piping system.
  2. Improper installation of the piping in homes where fittings were installed too tight causing hairline cracks eventually ending with leakage and damages to homes.
  3. Improper installation of piping. When improperly installed pipes are put under stress they will cause leaks and damages to homes. This will end up in you needing poly b replacement plumbers to come into your home and access the problem.
  4. Installation near high heat areas including hot water tanks, in the attic, and other areas of extensively high temperatures.
  5. The use of acetal (white or grey) fittings to connect pipes rather than the preferred metal fittings.


Other Articles Related to Leaking Poly B Piping:

What pipes are used for a Poly B Replacement?

Installing a new plumbing system into a building requires adequate knowledge about the right material to use for performance, efficiency, safety, and durability. Different types of pipes are available for piping purposes, and they come with different estimated life expectancy. Not much was known about Poly B’s life expectancy at the time it was introduced into the market. The fact that it was a cheaper alternative and freeze-proof was all anyone wanted to know.


Choosing the right pipe for Poly B Replacement

Knowing the life expectancy of the piping material you want to use in your home will give you an insight into when you should replace them to avoid any leaks or warranty issues. Different piping materials react differently to the oxidants found in the public water supply. Some of them can withstand chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, and other types of oxidants used for water filtration while other materials become brittle and fail over time. Lets go over the different types of plumbing pipes that could be used in a poly b replacement service.


Class C PEX Piping

These are cast-iron pipes that are designed for potable water piping. They can withstand chlorine and other oxidants used for treating public water. Class C pipes have a life expectancy of 20 years.


Class B PEX Piping

This is the class B of cast-iron pipes. They are stronger and more durable with an estimated life expectancy of 50 years. This type of pipe handles harsh chemicals correctly and does not fail.

Class A PEX Piping

Class A pipes are the strongest in this group and this is what we use at Urban Piping for every poly b replacement job. They have estimated the life expectancy of 100 years. They are perfect for residential and commercial water piping systems and do not weaken due to the chemicals in the potable water flowing through them.


Copper Piping

Copper piping is commonly used for the construction of water supply lines and the refrigerant lines in the HVAC systems. They are resistant to corrosion, and they are reliable. Their life expectancy is estimated at 50 years.


Poly B Piping

Poly B piping was used as a replacement for copper piping. Due to their high rate of failure, their life expectancy rate is pegged at 3 to 25 years.


Lead Piping

Led piping is one of the most reliable and durable piping materials. It handles potable water supply effectively and is estimated to last from 80 to 120 years. The only downside of led piping is the danger of having the led filter into drinking water.


Galvanized Steel Piping

Galvanized pipes are steel pipes coated with zinc for protection against corrosion and rust. The life expectancy of galvanized piping is 60 years.

What Happens During Poly B Replacement?

During remediation we find it is not the most habitable place to live, there is hikes cut in the walls and ceiling through the house, plastic isolating areas of the house and the water is off, our best recommendation is that our customers find other living arrangements for the duration of the poly b replacement and drywall work. a Poly B Remediation is typically done completely in 5-8 business days.

That being said we are flexible with our customers needs and would be more than happy to come to an agreement that works best for both parties.

Poly B Insurance Problems

In recent years insurance companies have started to get nasty with poly b leaks and poly b replacement. Ever since the class action lawsuit was settled in 2005 insurance companies have become exempt from legally having to cover damages caused by poly b.


Paying More for Poly B Insurance

There are some companies that do cover poly b damage for an "extra fee" but beware that insurance companies will usually do whatever it takes to try and get out of loosing money. We have seen in Calgary and Edmonton numerous recent examples where an insurance company will issue a "Multi Instance Deductible" clause, where some customers have reported having to pay 5-8 deductibles before the insurance companies will start the repair. Doesn’t sound like savings to us.

At Urban Piping Ltd. we are registered with most insurance companies and highly regarded as the number one choice for full remediation.


Poly B Lawsuits

In Canada and Calgary AB, trying to get reimbursement through a lawsuit or through insurance is no longer an option. This may be a new issue to you as a home owner but the reimbursements for a complete Poly B replacement system was only available if your system was replaced by 2005 or within 15 years of it being installed. The reimbursement for the complete system was only 25% of the system and 25% of any damages that had been caused.

More information here: A Brief History on Poly B Lawsuits and Litigation

Also refer to for more information on Poly B Lawsuits and Poly B Insurance Problems.

Poly B Replacement Quote...

We require your address in order to pull blueprints of your home to quote the required work as accurately as possible.
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Poly B™ Contractors

Poly B™ remediation or replacement requires the services of expert craftsman in four professional trades:

Plumbers, Tapers, Painters, and Texturers

Responsibilities of Poly B™ Contractors

However, with all of these trades involved, it opens up the door for problems, such as: Poor communication, Delays in service, Inaccurate quotes, Unfinished work, Missed deadlines, Poor craftsmanship, Insurance issues

Why is the Experience so Important?

Hiring an experienced contractor is invaluable especially when replacing Poly B™ piping because:

Poly B™ Pipe Replacement

The Poly B™ Replacement Options

Installing a new plumbing system into a building requires adequate knowledge about the right material for performance, efficiency, safety, and durability. Different types of pipes are available for piping purposes, and they each come with a different estimated life expectancy. Here is a list of available home piping options.

Urban Piping only offers the highest quality Class A PEX Piping in All Pipe Replacements

Class A PEX Piping


Class B PEX Piping


Class C PEX Piping

Poly B™ PDF Resources

A collection of downloadable and printable resources about Poly B™ Piping for our customers.

Poly B Replacement Case Studies

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