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Urban Piping Ltd. is the leader in Poly B™ Replacement in Canada. With multiple Canadian offices we can service nearly every part of western Canada. Our Polybutylene pipe replacement service offers a complete re-piping, drywall, and paint repair for any commercial or residential building. All Poly B™ replacement work is done in house by Urban Piping and we do not hire any outside contractors. We are licensed, professional, and insured plumbers with decades of experience. Our business holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and hold hundreds of 5 star reviews online.

Poly B™ piping has been an integral part of the plumbing system of Calgary homes for a long time, but homeowners have been awakened to the subtle (and not-so-hidden) issues that are associated with this kind of pipe. The risk of leaks puts Poly B™ piping replacement top of the list of home improvement for a lot of homeowners. It’s essential to be aware of the possibility that your home is likely to develop problems with its plumbing If you’re purchasing a house you’ll want to know if you’re likely need to replace your plumbing.

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Keep in mind that even if you aren’t able to see Poly B™ pipes within your home, or even the Poly B™ pipe you observe is unharmed but that doesn’t mean you’re safe to sleep.

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The Dangers of Poly B™ Piping In Homes

As a property owner, it is essential to understand the dangers of having Poly B™ piping in your home poses. With out a doubt, you should have the polybutylene piping replaced as soon as possible. There are several downsides to not replacing Poly B™ pipes. Here are some of the dangers of Poly B™ in homes:


The primary reason for the replacement of Poly B™ pipes is the failure that results in leakage and flooding in homes. There have been thousands of flooding cases in homes caused by failed Poly B™ piping.

Mould Infestation

Areas where Poly B™ leaks is not discovered early, there is high chances of mould infestation and mildew growth, which are high health risks.

Property Damage

Properties worth millions of dollars have reportedly been damaged by water leaks from failed Poly B™ piping. The damages are so extensive that replacing Poly B™ piping in all homes is necessary.

Costly Water Damage Restoration

Many homes that experienced extensive water damage from flooding caused by failed Poly B™ piping underwent costly restorations to make the homes habitable and restore their structural integrity.

Higher Insurance Premiums

Buildings with Poly B™ piping are often turned down by insurance companies for coverage. When they accept to insure Poly B™ homes, the premiums are extremely costly due to the high rate of failure from Poly B™ piping.

Canceled Insurance Coverage

Another major problem facing property owners that have Poly B™ pipes in their homes is the cancellation of their insurance coverage by their provider. They would rather insure properties that replaced Poly B™ than risk high costs of indemnity. Most insurers require Poly B™ replacement before renewing commitments2.


Property owners with Poly B™ piping have difficulties securing mortgages as lenders avoid properties with Poly B™ piping. This undoubtedly results in unforeseen inconveniences.
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Poly B™ Piping Replacement

Although the production of Poly B™ piping has ceased for a long time, they can still found in most homes today. You must replace the Poly B™ piping in your property to avoid the issues mentioned above. Fixing the outcomes/problems caused by failed Poly B™ piping is more costly than replacing the Poly B™ piping initially. Poly B™ replacement can be undertaken at a cost that will be a fraction of the cost of losses that can be incurred as a result of water damage and restoration. However, you do not have to go through this hardship. Contact us today to replace your Poly B™ pipes in your home.

Urban Piping Ltd is your #1 choice for townhome or apartment building Poly B™ replacement.

It is essential to replace Poly B™ piping in your home. Whether townhomes, apartment buildings, or multi-family complexes, we will replace the polybutylene pipes within the stipulated period to keep your property free from Poly B™ piping. We are Urban Piping Ltd, a reputable company that specializes in Poly B™ piping replacement in townhomes, apartment buildings, and multi-family complexes. We understand the need for the complete replacement of Poly B™ piping to avoid inconveniences and problems that come with having Poly B™ pipes in homes. As a result, our specialists will ensure the total removal and replacement of polybutylene pipes.

Why is the Experience so Important?

On average, The total cost of replacing Poly B™ and restoring the property is from $10,000 to $18,000, and takes approximately 10 business days to complete. we usually require the property to be vacated
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Why Choose Urban Piping Ltd?

When planning to replace Poly B™ piping in your townhome or apartment building, you must hire the best contractor for the best results. Avoid the situation whereby Poly B™ pipes will not be removed completely in your home when you hire a contractor without a proven track record. Urban Piping Ltd is your #1 choice for townhome or apartment building Poly B™ replacement, and here are some of the reasons we are the best and different from the rest:
We appoint a senior project manager to directly oversee and ensure the complete removal and replacement of Poly B™ piping from your home. The project manager will be available for seamless and open communications 24/7.
We provide you with project management software throughout the project process to keep you up to date. You will receive live updates and current photos. We ensure transparency.
We are adequately insured and each units covered up to $10 million.
Before commencing the Poly B™ replacement project, we inspect the property and prepare a checklist and explain the processes that the project will undergo during the 10 days.
10 days before the project begins, tenants can book a convenient place for themselves to stay until the project is completed.
Urban Piping, has partnered with top hotel chains and get discounted hotel rooms for our customers during the Poly B™ replacement process.

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We are the only call that you need to make if Poly B™ Plumbing has been found in your home. Our team of Poly B™ plumbers have done more Poly B™ Replacement work that any other plumbing company and all work is done in house by Urban Piping without the use of subcontracting any services. We currently operate in Calgary, Edmonton, Burnaby, and all surrounding areas. If you have found Poly B™ Piping in your home please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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