Poly B Pipe Replacement – Case Study #135

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Looks like this is another poly b wright up for a remediation in the Hampton’s.  We have done close to 100 remediation in the Hampton’s at this point and its becoming so whenever we pull up with the poly b replacement trailer at a house, someone walking by will say “ another poly b leak?”.

This one was another one for the books, our customer was looking for us only to do the piping on his property, as his father in law had just retired and he wanted to give him a project to work on.

We made our customer a promise he couldn’t refused. Our plumbers offered him a completed poly b remediation, we would come in and cut out all the drywall and replace every inch of poly b piping in the house and exchange it with color coded Class A PEX piping.  We told him we could finished the house in under 48 hours.

We started on a Wednesday at 8am and by noon on Thursday we were completely finished and the water was back on.

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