Poly B Pipe Replacement – Case Study #134

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Tips for Repairing Polybutylene Plumbing Pipe

Bill called Urban Piping Ltd Calgary to come to an inspection on his home at the same time as his home inspector was booked as his realtor had already informed him that the house had the dreaded poly b piping in it.

We send over one of our field supervisors to take a look and use our advanced computer system to properly quote his 2800 sq foot home on Hampshire close.  He had already made up his mind even without the home inspection that he was going to buy this house, and being a dedicated oncologist at the tom baker centre, he really didn’t have a lot of spare time to make this decision.  His only question to us was “ can this be done in 8 days? yes or no”  Of course we new with our team of expert polybutylene replacement plumbers that we could have it done in his specified time frame.

Or team went to work on the possession day and we assigned three plumbers (Eugene, Taylor, Jordan) to make sure the job went smoothly, our team of expert plumbers removed all the grey poly b piping in the entire home and replaced it with color coded class A PEX piping.  Then we assigned Sam and Terryl to refinish all the drywall and ceiling texture.

We hit this poly b replacement right out of the park!  Bill was over the moon when we were done in the exact time frame of 8 days!

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