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Polybutylene Pipe Replacement: How Does it Work?

Working with Bill and Nila was a treat, there beautiful home on Falconer Road was so tidy it made our poly b replacement preparation work a breeze. We dispatched Sean and Graham our Edmonton plumbers on this project, accompanied by Terryl to handle the drywall and painting. Graham and Sean made quick work on the piping, replacing all the poly b in only 35 hours, with only a couple real troublesome spots. One of notable importance was the downstairs basement shower, which backed onto an outside wall and was completely tiled.

Now most plumbers in Edmonton would tell you that because of this it would be impossible to change the poly b piping going towards the shower, but at Urban Piping Ltd we have developed our own tools and special techniques to take care of any situation a home can throw at us, with the end result of absolutely no poly b left in a persons home. That all being said we did break the toilet tank lid while we were working on the bathroom, so we replaced the whole toilet for Bill and Nila with a designer low flow toilet completely free of charge.

Now after spending so much time in a house working on the plumbing system we always keep a look out for anything that we think might be a future issue, with this specific house while we were testing the water lines we found that the “kids” bathroom shower upstairs was passing water very very slowly, the homeowner would have never figured this out until their water bill was through the roof as the kids had left home over a decade earlier and the bathroom was never used. We did a quick cartridge rebuild, charged the customers a whopping $7 and it was as good as new.

Next we set up air scrubbers around the house to minimize the dust created as Terryl patched up the drywall, and had the whole project finished in 6 days.

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