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Nob like most of our clients choose to go away for the duration of there poly b replacement projects, he and his family booked us almost 6 months in advance and gave us the keys to their house on Arbour Woods when they went to Newfoundland for a month. Its interesting as we have done now 16 houses in Arbor Woods close in just the last 4 years. For this particular poly b pipe replacement we dispatched, Bob, Tristan, Tyson and Terryl to take care of the project.

We weren’t limited to a time frame on this poly b remediation as the home owner was for a long time, but that didn’t mean we took our sweet time. We had this project wrapped up in 9 business days. At this project in order to replace all the poly b piping and exchange with the new color coded Class A PEX piping, we needed to remove and replace the tile behind the toilet and shower in the basement. Its all in a days work for Urban Piping as our company employs a full crew of tilers that can help us put back any floor or wall that we need too.

Look very closely at the pictures of the basement ceiling. instead of cutting into and repairing the drywall and stipple, we actually abandoned the old poly b lines and ran our new color coded Class A PEX piping along the wall/ceiling and after created a small bulk head around it. Creative thinking like this is what makes our company unique and ahead of every other plumbing company in Calgary.

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