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Dear Homeowners,

We understand the frustrations that come with receiving the news that your contains Poly B™ piping can come as quite a shock. You may be currently experiencing steady leaks in your home, and you’re concerned about further damage. Or, perhaps you haven’t experienced a leak in your home yet, but are aware that a home contains Poly B™ piping, and are trying to determine if a replacement is necessary. If any of these sound familiar, you are in the right place. The document we have already sent you will be essential in working through this process.

We can tell you from first-hand experience that we have dealt with and seen every outcome or scenario for Poly B™ piping. We have seen homes completely flooded due to pipe bursts, homeowners spend thousands of dollars on repairing leaking pipes, and insurance companies deny claims to cover severe property damage. These are all genuine scenarios when dealing with Poly B™.

We completely understand that this comes with devastating frustrations. However, a 100% remediation of Poly B™ piping from a home is the only solution to ensure complete peace of mind and to prevent a Poly B™ nightmare from happening in the future.

At Urban Piping, Poly B™ remediation is what we do. We have dedicated over 15 years working with home owners helping them get passed this problem. The CEO and Founder Graham Drew pioneered the Poly B™ replacement industry in Canada because he was driven to help undeserving homeowners who were stuck battling this issue without any guidance. There was nobody in the market who offered a 100% pipe replacement guaranteed done right service and homeowners were left to deal with numerous subcontractors, dozens of plumbing leak service calls, partial remediations, and a low level of empathy towards the problem.

We deliver a complete peace of mind experience for homeowners to so they know the issue would be 100% taken care of. This is the service that Urban Piping delivers. It was not easy to get to where we are now, our Poly B™ replacement division is the best you will find anywhere in Canada.

We are Canadians, and we care about Canadian homeowners.

We encourage you to look through the documents we sent, do your research, and hire an experienced contractor to remediate the Poly B™.

Save yourself the headaches and hire a company that provides a service backed by guarantees like no other company in the industry. Many things can go wrong throughout replacing the piping of an entire home, and on numerous occasions, we have been the call to come out and fix the work of other contractors in our industry.

If you live in a home with poly B pipes and you are not sure, it is highly recommended to upgrade it using a stronger pipe material. Urban Piping offers poly B pipe replacement to keep your home safe from the ravages of water. Flexible poly pipes transparent plastic lines, which are usually equipped with brass, copper aluminum, or plastic fittings to connect different parts of the line.

There are a variety of reasons it is important to schedule an appointment to have Poly-B replacement of your piping. The safety of your home is important and it’s much easier by making a timely appointment for service. Our expert plumbers are available to assist you with a variety of convenient appointments and assured work. We’ll gladly assist you in managing and complete Poly-B pipe replacement in Canada.

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With multiple Canadian offices we can service nearly every part of western Canada. Our Polybutylene pipe replacement service offers a complete re-piping, drywall, and paint repair for any commercial or residential building. All Poly B™ replacement work is done in house by Urban Piping and we do not hire any outside contractors. We are licensed, professional, and insured plumbers with decades of experience. Our business holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and hold hundreds of 5 star reviews online.

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