Calgary Toilet Repair and Replacement Services

At Urban Piping, our Calgary plumbers provide high-quality toilet installation, toilet repair services, and toilet replacement services to the residents of Calgary at affordable rates. Supply your own toilet? No problem! We’ll install it for you. We have more than 15 years of local plumbing experience, we are friendly, punctual, and reliable. 

All of our plumbers are licensed, insured, and bonded. When it comes toilet repair and toilet replacement services in Calgary, ours are first-rate and that is why we hold an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and have hundreds of 5 star reviews online.

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Trust Our Journeyman Plumbers for Toilet Installation and Toilet Repair in Calgary

As soon as you notice signs that toilet repair or toilet replacement service is needed, do not hesitate to choose a Calgary plumbing company like Urban Piping that would carry out toilet repair, toilet replacement, or new toilet installation with ease. We are a reputable plumbing company in Calgary, we take pride in the quality of services we offer.

Twenty-eight percent of household water is used by the toilet. Think of all the money you are flushing down the “toilet” without having an eco friendly toilet installed in your home or a constantly running toilet. Enjoy peace of mind with toilet installation and toilet repair services by our team of trusted local plumbers in Calgary.

Clogged Toilet in Calgary?

Is your toilet not flushing all the way? Is your toilet clogged and you to have it fixed as soon as possible? Have you applied all home remedies to unclog toilets to no avail? Do not stress out; give us a call, we will right there to provide you with fast toilet repair and you will have a seamless experience using your toilet again.


The most prominent reason for clogged toilets is putting or flushing items not meant for the toilet down the drain. In this situation, fixing a clogged toilet will most likely go beyond what a plunger or plumbing snake can fix. You need to call a professional plumber for best results and to prevent damaging the toilet or its components.

Toilet Repair and Toilet Installation Services in Calgary

It is common knowledge that clogged toilets will cause unbearable inconveniences and make your toilets out of use until the problem is resolved. Meanwhile, you should not prolong fixing the problem; contact Urban Pipings journeyman plumbers for the best toilet repair service in the entire Calgary area.


As a professional plumbing company, we have the required experience, knowledge, and tools to fix clogged toilets without damaging the toilets or their accessories in the process. We are responsive and available to respond to your every need when you require toilet repair or toilet replacement services in Calgary. Whatever may be the clog, rest assured, we can fix it.

Running Toilet in Calgary?
A running toilet can drive one crazy when it keeps running relentlessly. However, you should not let a running toilet upset you and your family. Call Urban Pipings journeyman plumbers; we can fix it.

It is clear that a running toilet can waste several hundreds of gallons of water and increase your water bill; you would want to fix it as quickly as possible. You may want to inspect the toilet yourself, but when you consider the benefits of hiring a professional plumber, you will not take chances. Of course, you may have learned how to fix a running toilet from YouTube videos and tutorials, but when you open the tank, you may quickly get confused. Well, hire a professional plumbing company to fix the problem is typically the end result.

Calgary Running Toilet Repair Services
While a running toilet may not mean a serious plumbing problem, it could cause your toilet to overflow and cost more money to fix. A stitch in time saves nine. Let us help you to fix your running toilet, save you water and money, and conserve the public resources.

A running toilet can be caused by a faulty toilet flapper, fill valve, toilet chain, or sticking toilet handle. Whatever is the cause of your running toilet, we can help you fix the problem without wasting time. Urban Piping is a trusted Calgary plumbing company here to help.

Calgary Toilet Repair Services
We offer top-of-the-range toilet repair service to help you with all your toilet repair needs. We have a team of experienced and professional plumbers who will fix any problem you are experiencing with your toilet. From toilet installation to unclogging a toilet to an entire toilet replacement, we are your go-to plumbing company. If you are searching for the best toilet repair service, you have come to the right place.

Maintaining your toilet plumbing is crucial to having a reliable and efficient toilet. Your toilet is an essential part of your home and can be a great inconvenience if it does not work the way it should. You can trust our toilet repair service; we will ensure that your toilet works correctly again without wasting time. After the repair, your toilet will work like new again.

Our toilet repair service will help you to save money because certain toilet faults can be fixed without replacing the entire toilet. With our expertise, we assure you of an enhanced experience with your toilets. Avoid inconveniences and prevent unnecessary expenditure by asking for our toilet repair service. At Urban Piping, we are your trusted local plumbers experienced to get the job done right.

Calgary Toilet Installation Services
It is essential to carry out toilet installation or replacement as soon as possible when your toilet can no longer be repaired. If you ignore this step, you are likely to be embarrassed due to the bad odor that your toilet would be releasing. To keep your toilet in the best working condition, it is advisable to consider replacing your toilet when it starts to give you troubles, or it is outdated.

Replace your toilet to modern toilet to benefit from improved technology, style, and design. For new toilet installation service that will ensure that you have an enhanced experience, contact Urban Pipings journeyman plumbers. We prioritize our customers’ satisfaction that is why we offer the toilet installation service that will meet and go beyond their expectations.

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