Calgary Hot Water Tank Replacement

It all started with one hot water tank installation in Calgary, and now we install hot water tanks by the hundreds every year, leaving happy Calgarians grinning ear to ear. We pride ourselves on our punctuality, product knowledge, and excellent customer service. Be it 40 gallon, 50 gallon, 60 gallon or even a larger hot water tank replacement that you are looking for, we offer a timely same day or next day install at some of the best rates in Calgary!
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40 Gallon Hot Water Heater

Hot Water Tank Replacement From Only

Stop Over Paying! Enjoy Complete Peace Of Mind With A Hot Water Tank Replacement From Urban Piping

Fast Service

It all started with one hot water tank install, and now we install thousands of hot water tanks in Calgary every year. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and excellent customer service. Our Calgary plumbers are punctual! We understand nobody wants to wait around all day.

Hassle Free Pricing

At Urban Piping we strongly believe that the price you see is the price you pay. One guaranteed price covers parts, labour, install, and removal/eco disposal of your old hot water tank. We do not have any hidden fees or charges. Save the surprises for birthday parties!

Unbeatable Warranty

When it comes to Calgary hot water tanks, it is important to ensure a good warranty program is in place for you. We offer the industry’s best 8 years parts 2 years labour warranty* It’s not hard to see why we are Calgary’s #1 hot water tank installers.

Trusted Brands

All of this coupled with carrying only the most trusted brands in hot water tanks, Bradford White and Rheem Rudd. We ONLY install the best of the best industry leading hot water tank brands for our customers in Calgary.


Trust our Journeyman Plumbers with your Calgary Hot Water Tank Replacement

Urban Pipings journeyman Calgary plumbers complete thousands of hot water tank replacement jobs every year. We are ideal to hire when it comes to hot water tank replacement in Calgary. We have been serving the entire Calgary area for more than 15 years. With experienced and dedicated plumbers, fixing of replacing your damaged hot water tank will be carried out quickly, efficiently, and on your schedule.

Our journeyman plumbers are licensed and insured with skilled technicians that deliver satisfactory services to the delight of our clients. Consequently, Urban Piping holds an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and are locally trusted and recommended by thousands of home owners across Calgary.

Hot Water Tank Service

Proper servicing can extend your water heaters life indefinitely, we have seen properly serviced tanks last up into the 15- 25yr mark. Our friendly plumbers will keep your hot water tank running smoothing. Servicing your hot water tank is key for its life longevity. Regular service will prevent calcium and lime build up, rust from eating away at the inner tank, and will keep your burner mechanism clean and firing nicely.

A hot water tank service consists of the following…

1) A New Magnesium Anode Rod

These rods are a sacrificial rod that is put in your hot water tank to prevent corrosion of the inner holding tank, the rod attracts elements that lead to the corrosion and deterioration of the inner holding tank, thus destroying the rod instead of the hot water tank. Most Anode rods should be changed every 2-3 years, and will extend the life of the tank.

2) Hot Water Tank Flushing

This is a very important step and service to do to your hot water tank. We recommend yearly flushing of your hot water tanks in Canada due to our very hard water and the high levels of minerals. These are hard on your hot water tank and will eat away at the inner liner. A yearly flushing will help to clean out the material. By completely draining the tank and then filling it you stand a better chance of keeping your water heater tank clean and corrosion free longer.

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