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Is your Faucet leaking? We can make your faucet like new again through our Calgary faucet repair and faucet replacement services. We repair all brands of kitchen, bathroom, and tub/shower faucets.
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Looking for a change? Or found that sometimes repairing an old faucet can be more money than replacing it? We have the right option for all budgets! We also do custom orders and installs as well.
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Trust Our Calgary Plumbers for Faucet Replacement and Faucet Repair

Experiencing leaking faucets in your Calgary home? Are you searching for a reliable plumbing company in Calgary to hire for faucet repair or faucet replacement? Do not search any further; Urban Piping’s Journeyman Plumbers are to be trusted. We are an established and reputable local plumbing company in Calgary with unmatched expertise when dealing with faucets. We have more than 15 years of experience in faucet repair and faucet replacement.

Our plumbers in Calgary are friendly and punctual. We prioritize clients’ satisfaction above all things. As a professional plumbing company, Urban Piping’s Journeyman plumbers are registered, licensed, insured, and bonded. Our excellent service delivery has earned us an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Contact us today and experience the peace of mind that you deserve.

Calgary Faucet Leaking?

Is your faucet dripping water? Do you know that a leaking faucet in Calgary can cost you $50 or more within a short time and this can add up to a significant amount of money if there are several leaking faucets in your home? Every minute that your faucet is leaking water, it is money that is going down the drain. To prevent your faucet from leaking water, address the issue promptly or call us for faucet repair or faucet replacement.


Over time, excessive pressure applied to turn the valve on and off will cause the faucets and seals to separate, which will result in water leakage. Other fixtures in the home such as bathtubs, showers, bathroom, and kitchen sinks can also become loose and leak water. The best solution is to hire a professional Calgary plumbing company for faucet repair or faucet replacement of worn faucets.


Let our trusted local plumbers in Calgary who have experienced in completing faucet repair and faucets replacements come to your rescue and keep your plumbing system in an efficient condition.

Calgary Kitchen Faucet Repair
The kitchen faucet is one of the most commonly used faucets in any home. Due to the frequency of use, kitchen faucets are more susceptible to leakage than other faucets. Be that as it may, when the faucets in your kitchen are leaking water, it is expedient that you take an immediate action to fix it – call for faucet repair if the faucets are repairable and faucet replacement if they have worn out.

At Urban Piping in Calgary, we provide first-rate faucet repair to help you save money and prevent inconveniences that a leaking faucet can cause. Irrespective of the brands or models of the faucets, or size of repair, we are your go-to plumbers in Calgary. Our Calgary plumbers can complete a faucet repair or faucet replacement in about an hour and a half and have you feeling peace of mind that the leak or problem has been taken care of by a trusted local plumber.

A leaking kitchen faucet is not only a drain on your wallet but also a waste of valuable resources. Do not let the situation get out of hand before you give us a call. We shall help to control the situation and prevent it from getting aggravated.

DIY Calgary Faucet Repair
You may come across several tutorial teaching faucet repair. However, you should realize that faucets are a little more complex than changing the batteries of your TV remote; it is complex due to several parts involved and tools required to get the job done. Even if you have the schematics and the tools, faucet repair needs more than pliers, screwdrivers, and wrenches – you still need the necessary experience to carry out the task effectively. Remember that your kitchen faucet is not only about functionality; it is also part of your kitchens aesthetics; consequently, get the right guys to get the job done.

Calgary Bathroom Faucet Repair
Carrying out a bathroom faucet repair in Calgary will save you money as well as benefit the environment. A leaking faucet undoubtedly wastes more water than you can imagine, you should not overlook your leaking bathroom leaking faucet. As soon as you start hearing drops of water from your shower when you have turned it off, or you see the floor wet due to dripping water from the faucet, call our Calgary plumbers immediately for faucet repair or faucet replacement services.

DIY Bathroom Faucet Repair in Calgary
There is nothing wrong in trying a DIY faucet repair; however, your bathroom faucet may require more than the tutorials may cover. For instance, bathroom faucets come in compression and washer-less types with categories such as a cartridge, valve, and disc faucets. Some faucet repair jobs can be tricky to fix sometimes for non-specialists. Do not leave anything to chance; call Urban Piping’s trusted journeyman plumbers today.

We are a leading plumbing company in Calgary providing homeowners and families with faucet repair and faucet replacement work for years and have built a sterling reputation around the industry.

Calgary Kitchen Faucet Replacement
Your kitchen faucet may be damaged beyond repair; or the cost of fixing it may be close to replacing it. Besides leaking, you may want to inquire about kitchen faucet replacement to upgrade your kitchen and improve its aesthetics. Whatever is the reason for kitchen faucet replacement, hire the right plumbing company in Calgary for the task and ensure to check that they are established and have a great reputation.

Kitchen faucet replacement gives you the opportunity of getting rid of the old, leaking faucet that could cause your water utility bill to increase over time and also upgrade to the state-of-the-art kitchen faucets. These days, there are better kitchen faucet designs, styles, and shapes that are highly functional, efficient, and elegant. You can quickly get faucet replacement that will complement your kitchen design.

Calgary Bathroom Faucet Replacement
Bathroom faucet replacement of leaking, old, and worn out bathroom faucets is sometimes the best way to get rid of a water leak in your bathroom. The fixtures and faucets in your bathroom are crucial to your comfort and convenience in the bathroom. Do not hesitate to call for bathroom faucet replacement in Calgary once you notice water leakage in your bathroom.

Bathroom faucet replacement is a wise investment because the cost of replacing it will be covered by the amount of money saved from the increment that the leaking water could have caused. In addition to changing the leaking faucet, faucet replacement also gives you the chance of enhancing the functionality of your bathroom.

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