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At Urban Piping Ltd we provide the best emergency plumbing services in Calgary. We love plumbing and we do it with passion and extreme care. Hiring an emergency plumber from Urban Piping you can rest assured with peace of mind that we will be able to take care of the plumbing problem quickly and professionally.

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Emergency Plumber Calgary – 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services

Clogged drains, pipe leakage, damaged water tanks are some of the most frequent emergency plumbing problems in Calgary that can require the immediate assistance of an emergency plumber. Kitchen and bathroom drain clogs, overflowing toilets, gas leakages, damaged water heaters, frozen pipes etc. are all of the very common plumbing problems that may require emergency plumbing services.

If a good check is maintained every once in a while, in the home’s plumbing system these problems can be avoided, but nevertheless these cause the most frequent and the most emergency needs for a plumbing service.

In Case of an Emergency Plumbing Situation

Panic is the first reaction during any type of emergency, but if you keep a cool head, you’ll survive the storm. The following steps will help you out in case of an emergency, but always call in a professional emergency plumber.
Emergency Plumber Calgary Tip #1: Turn Off All Taps

Whenever an emergency hits, the first step is to always close the water source as fast as you can. For the toilets it is simple too, you just need to turn the valve at the base behind the commode. For more large-scale cases you will need to turn off the main valve for your home.

Emergency Plumber Calgary Tip #1: Check the Hot Water Heater
During major plumbing emergencies, the best idea is to turn off your water heater to avoid any damage to the unit. To avoid heat from building up inside the water heater unit which may cause overheating, it is important to turn it off just after turning off the main valve. 
Emergency Plumber Calgary Tip #3: Tackle the Small Leaks
If there is a smaller leak which you have been able to identify, try as much as possible to plug it. Having some plumber tape around will make sure this small chore gets done quickly. You can also place a bucket under the dripping leak to stop any further damage. This is one of the safest ways of dealing with leaks.
Emergency Plumber Calgary Tip #4: Open Drains
Even after shutting down the main valve, there will still be some water in your pipes. This water can be moved away from your home by turning on any plugs outside your home. If you are experiencing some small clogs during the process of clearing your pipes, try to open the drains with gentle methods like using the plunger.
Emergency Plumber Calgary Tip #5: Call a Professional Plumber and Listen
This is one of the most ignored steps, but it is the most crucial of them all. The earlier the call, the better for you and your home as you get a feel of the situation earlier and also get some information on whether the situation is too dangerous for you to try on your own. A professional plumbing expert may even save your life as some emergencies may be disasters waiting to happen.

Common Calgary Emergency Plumbing Situations

In order to be able to get a hold of a plumbing emergency, you will need to have accurate information of what an emergency looks like. The rule of thumb requires you to call in a professional plumber when you discover water damage in your home. When checking for an emergency it is key to note that the intensity of your specific situations may vary greatly. Here are some common plumbing emergencies we have solved in Calgary homes:

Emergency Plumber Calgary Problem #1: Awfully Hot Water Getting home to a nice warm shower after a long day at work is everyone’s motivation to hurry up and get back home. But no one wants to be burnt or scorched by hot boiling water. If this happens you clearly have a water heater issue. You should immediately turn off your water heater and call in an emergency plumber to assess the situation.
Emergency Plumber Calgary Problem #2: Dripping Faucets
This might just be the most annoying thing ever, but what might seem like just a typical drip may quickly turn into a full-blown leak. If the leak is small, it is important to tighten the valve with your hands as using wrenches may end up causing more damage. If this doesn’t work you can work around it to assess the faucet and if you are not familiar with it, it is time to call in an emergency plumber.
Emergency Plumber Calgary Problem #3: Frozen Water Pipes
When pipes inside or outside of your home freeze it is important to assess the pipe for splits or areas where the fittings have been pushed apart or broken. Call an emergency plumber ASAP to prevent and further damage to the plumbing system.
Emergency Plumber Calgary Problem #4: Leaking Pipes
Once you spot a leaking pipe it is important to immediately turn off the main valve for your home and call in a professional emergency plumber to take care of the situation.

Tips fort Hiring an Emergency Plumber in Calgary

Plumbing emergencies can occur at any time and are always unplanned and unexpected. When dealing with a plumbing emergency the cheapest option is not always the way to go. A cheap fix may end up in a more expensive repair job later in the future. 

The question now is, if not the price what will help you get the right plumber who will take care of your emergency? Well the answer is simple and here are some rules to help you determine the best option:

Calgary Emergency Plumber Tips #1: When Placing the Call, You Know Who It Is
Always pays attention to the person you are talking to. Is it an auto machine or a real human being? Does the person on the other side sound genuine about their wanting to help you?

How a company answers their phone can tell you a lot about them and how much they value their professionalism.

Calgary Emergency Plumber Tips #2: Avoid Over the Phone Pricing
Prices over the phone are mostly base prices and can increase rapidly as someone gets to your house and has a look at what they are dealing with. Emergency plumbing can’t be diagnosed over the phone, especially if you are not talking to an actual plumber.
Calgary Emergency Plumber Tips #3: Go For 24 Hour Emergency Plumbers
When dealing with a plumbing emergency you need instant help and if it arises again you should be able to reach the plumbing service in no time to get to look at the problem again.
Calgary Emergency Plumber Tips #4: Check the Online Reviews
You are obviously not the first person in need of plumbing service and more often than not you will get people who are talking about a service they had. It is important to get some first-person experiences of people who have had the service.
Calgary Emergency Plumber Tips #4: Check the Plumbing Company’s Background
You can always ask if the plumber coming to work on your home has had a drug test and background check. The safety of your home and family are always your first priority. Plumbing services which ensure that their employees are trustworthy and safe tell a lot about how much your home and family’s safety is important to them too.

Trust Hiring Urban Piping as your Emergency Plumber in Calgary

We are a team of professional plumbers who have gained extensive experience in solving all the plumbing problems that might occur in a residential home or an office. Working in the plumbing industry for so many years has given us complete mastery over all the techniques that are required to do an effective job and solve all the sewage and plumbing problems of your house. Hiring the right emergency plumber in Calgary is very important.

We work with the most sophisticated and modern tools that are necessary to do an effective emergency plumbing service and keep the water running in your homes plumbing system in case of an emergency situation.

Emergency Poly B Plumbing Services in Calgary

Poly B piping is what we do best. We have the most effective and experienced Poly B replacement team above any plumbing company. All the materials that are used in the process are of the highest quality to keep you safe from running into the same problem again.

Unlike other plumbing services, we not only fix the emergency plumbing leak, but we also repair your walls and repaint your house so that your home is restored back into its original condition. When you are in a bind, hiring an emergency plumber in Calgary that holds this education can not only save you headaches but also lots of money.


Emergency Poly B Plumbing Leaks
Poly B Piping typically begins with a pin hole leak in a home. This is where we get most of our emergency plumbing calls in Calgary that have to do with Poly B Plumbing. Our emergency plumbers and fix the pipe leak quickly and have your home back into operating condition but be aware that Poly B pipe leaks tend to happen time and time again until a complete poly b replacement is done on the home.

Poly B Replacement Services

We make sure that area where we need to work is fully covered with a bubble rap including the floor and the furniture. This keeps your home safe from any damages. After covering everything we replace the pipes through the wall. After the replacement is done, the drywall is repaired and painted with the same color that matches your previous color and in the end there is no mess, we clean everything.


Calgary Emergency Plumbing Services

Our team leaves only when you are satisfied with all the work. These emergency plumbing services set us apart from the rest of the Calgary plumbing companies because most Calgarians have complaints about their walls not being repaired properly or their home is left in terrible condition.

Emergency plumbing services should not only consist of fixing the plumbing problems but also following through helping the Calgary homeowner get their home back into the condition it was before the emergency plumbing service was called in. We understand that your home’s safety is very important. Which is the main reason we have got such great reviews from our humble and very kind customers.

Emergency Plumber for Drain Cleaning or Clogged Drains in Calgary

Drain clogging can happen anytime and anywhere in the house and having a trusted emergency plumber in Calgary on call can be detrimental to saving your home from a plumbing emergency. It can sometimes become very difficult to unclog a drain but don’t worry we are for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Drain clogs can be caused by many things, like food, sap, grease, hair dirt etc. if they are not treated well in time they can cause bigger problems like toilet overflowing, or water blockage in kitchen sinks, such problems can get very frustrating and can make living the home impossible.

Calgary Drain Cleaning Services

Emergency Plumber for Commercial Drain Cleaning

We also provide commercial drain cleaning services in Calgary. In big offices and buildings plumbing is very crucial and a clogged drain can become a very serious problem when there are so many people who have to use the bathroom.


Call Urban Piping for 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services

At Urban Piping, we use the most modern and the best quality tools to get rid of drain clogging and to keep the water running in the pipes without any blockage. Everything is kept safe and our emergency plumber in Calgary will get everything back just as it was before only with unclogged drains this time.

Emergency Plumber for Hot Water Tank Replacement in Calgary

Do you know that a well-maintained hot water tank can last up to 15 to 25 years in Calgary? Yes, that is true, keeping your hot water tanks well maintained and well serviced can increase their lifetime and their efficiency to work. Usually over the time the hot water tanks lose their efficiency and their capacity to heat water reduces to a great extent. So, if want to increase the lifetime of your hot water tank, we are at your service.

Best Hot Water Tank Replacement Calgary

Emergency Plumber for Broken Hot Water Tank

If you have a broken hot water tank, we can repair it, and if you want to replace the whole tank we can do that too. Our emergency plumbers in Calgary will guide you if you need to whole water heater replacement or just a minor repair would be fine. They will inspect the hot water tank and depending on the condition of the tank, they will help make the decision for what would be best for you. Sometimes a tank just needs a small repair and that can save you a lot of money, something that others might not tell you because putting a whole new tank is always more profitable.

Emergency Plumbing Services with Honest and Affordable Pricing

With Urban Piping, you will get the most honest advice and whatever is required will be done in the most professional and high-class manner.

We also work with instant water heaters in Calgary also known as tankless hot water heaters. They are a little expensive to maintain but if it is done regularly they won’t be creating any big problems.

Best Tankless Hot Water Replacement Calgary

Emergency Plumbers in Calgary you can Trust

Urban Piping we make sure that the client’s requirements are met, and everything is done as professionally as it can be. We work at the most affordable prices. You pay only for the emergency plumbing services that you need. Our goals are to solve the plumbing problem while maintaining the safety of the house.

If you are need of an emergency plumber in Calgary, just give us a call and our plumbers will help you right now.

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