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Your homes drains are a crucial part of your plumbing system. Keeping your drainage system in Calgary clean and clear is detrimental to your homes health. Over time your drains begin to clog due to a number of reasons including hair, food, grease, soaps. These cause blockages in your drainage lines and without treatment can become quite a nuisance and typically end up requiring extensive drain cleaning services in Calgary.

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Urban Piping’s Highly Recommended Calgary Drain Cleaning Services

We’ve all been there, looking down at a clogged sink or a plugged toilet or even a sewer back up, thinking how do I fix this! Urban Piping’s 24/7 Calgary plumbers are here to solve all your home drainage issues.

Our Calgary Plumbers are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

Urban Piping is a licensed plumbing company that is both bonded and insured to provide homeowners in Calgary with excellent plumbing services. When you require drain cleaning services, you can be assured that you would be protected from liabilities that may result from an onsite accident.

Calgary Plumbers that are Experience and offer Quality Workmanship.

Urban Piping has been providing excellent plumbing and drain cleaning services for more than 15 years. Besides, we have excellent workmanship because our plumbers are certified, licensed, and dedicated. You will get the best services possible from us.

Our Calgary Plumbers have In-depth Knowledge, Skills, and Equipment.

At Urban Piping, we have adequate knowledge and best skills required to fix clogged drains in no time. Our procedures and mode of operations when it comes to out drain cleaning services set us ahead of the competition in the entire Calgary area. When you require drain cleaning services, we are the most qualified to call.

24/7 Emergency Drain Cleaning Services in Calgary.

We run 24-hour drain cleaning services to cater to your emergencies swiftly. Feel free to contact us anytime, and we will be there during your difficult time to provide you with the best of our services.
Clogged sinks can be a headache, if you are lucky you might have avoided calling a plumber to clear your clogged sink by using products like draino,  if this is not the case Urban piping has a full range of specialty augers and jetters that will make short work of any clogged sink. Clogged Sink Repair Calgary

Drain Cleaning Services for a Clogged Toilet in Calgary
A plugged toilet is not only gross its also extremely Inconvenient,  Most of the time you can unclog a toilet with a simple plunger. When that doesn’t work we will try using a specialized toilet auger.  In rare situations the clog is so severe that we will need to pull off the toilet and use a K400 auger to go down the toilet stack and right out to the street.

Clogged Toilet Repair Calgary

Drain Cleaning Services for a Clogged Bathtub in Calgary
Ever try to take a nice relaxing shower,  and notice the water slowly creeping up your ankles?  Or a bathtub that takes for ever to drain?  Most of these problems are caused by years and years of hair and soaps going down the drain, together they make a soupy sticky mess that slows down the drains and eventually stops all flow completely.   We recommend that the clogged bathroom drain gets augured with our handheld rigid auger, and followed up with our General Mini Jetter to insure that the drains gets scrubbed nice and clean.

Clogged Bathtub Drain Calgary

Drain Cleaning Service for a Clogged Laundry Drain in Calgary
We’ve all seen it in movies where the washing machine starts spitting out bubbles, or the unsuspecting couple comes home to find the laundry room flooding.  This is a real problem,  laundry drains should be cleaned on a regular bases to prevent these miss haps. But on the off chance that your laundry drain clogs, Urban piping drain cleaning division is ready with our specialized equipment that can not only fix your clogged laundry drain, but we can take care of any water mess or damage that the backup caused.

Drain Cleaning Services for a Sewer Backup in Calgary
This has got to be one of the worst things to find out is happening to your house, usually because of the way you find out.   Most people find out they have a sewer back up or clog, when basement bathrooms tubs and showers start to fill with water ( sometimes toilet water).  They best thing to do if you find your main drain backing up is to call a drain cleaning expert,  a clogged sewer requires expensive specialized equipment.

Sewer Backup Repair Calgary

Calgary Drain Cleaning Services for Slow Drains

  • Slow drains are an ailment that affects almost all homes five years and older.
  • Slow drains are usually caused by a build up in the pipes, usually hair, food, and other house hold products like shampoo and soaps.
  • animal fat and lye are the base ingredients to most soaps and shampoos, over time these decompose with human waste and hair, food and other products into a sludgy substance that coats the pipes until, gradually decreasing the diameter of your drainage system until eventually it will clog.
  • We recommend a scheduled maintenance program, which we will address all the pipes in your house and bring them back up to a perfect operating condition.

Drain Camera Inspection Services in Calgary
We offer top of the line camera and video inspection on all of your properties drains. Using sophisticated state of the art drain cameras we can see and record the inside of your drains.    This is a perfect tool to use to make sure your drains are clean, or to investigate an older home to see if tree roots have penetrated the pipes going out to the city sewer.

Drain Camera Inspection Calgary

b>Drain Cleaning Services for Tree Root Removal in Calgary Tree roots can become a big issue especially in older homes and can lead to serious repair bills if not taken care of properly.  We recommend using the rigid K6200 or as we like to call her “ big bertha” a 178lb super auger that will chop those roots back, we then suggest following up with a camera to make sure the roots are taken care of, and finish up with tree root management products.
Calgary Drain Cleaning Services that Require Jetters Urban Piping's plumbers in Calgary offer a wide variety of jetters to clean out even the toughest sludge build up in your pipes.
  • Cleans pipes with widths from 112” to 8” in runs of up to 500’
  • More effective at removing buildup in pipes
  • High pressure ensures deeper penetration of sludge
  • Removes roots and other plant debris
  • Removes hard minerals
  • No digging up floors, landscaping, or tearing up walls

Whole house drain cleaning packages start at just


This includes auguring all drains sinks, showers, tubs, and the mainline out to the street. We then follow up with our specializing hydrojetter, we power scrub all of the drain lines in the house. This will wash out anything in the lines and push it into the large city sewer.

Special enzymes will be applied to the drains to prevent the build up of the sludge, this enzyme attacks bio matter in the drains by feeding on it, significantly reducing the chance of a clogged drain.

Scheduled Drain Cleaning Services in Calgary

Preventative Maintenance is imperative for your drains to keep in tip top shape. Over time your drainage lines start to acquire build up of a thick oily waxy substance on the side of the pipes, sort of like cholesterol build up in the body.

The waxy build up is developed over time by the decomposition of food, toothpaste, beard shavings, hair mixed with soaps and shampoos which on a basic level are created by animal fat and lye. This fatty substance attaches itself to the sides of the drainage pipes, slowly restricting the the amount of flow through the drainage pipes. Eventually this build up will fully restrict the drainage pipe and cause a clog.

The problem with this fatty substance is that your typical plumbers drain cleaning auger can’t clean the lines, the auger will punch through the clog but as the plumber pulls back he auger, the fatty substance will close over it again.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Services in Calgary

Commercial Drain Cleaning Services, Equipment, and Capabilities.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Calgary

Constant maintenance is an important part of the upkeep to your building. We know that Scheduled maintenance for your condo building is an expensive but vital part of running a condo or apartment building, so we are offering a extremely competitive condo stack and parkade line cleaning.

Drain Cleaning Equipment

We only use the industries latest and greatest drain cleaning technologies and tools. Our drain cleaning specialists can handle any clogged drains, bathtubs, sinks, and water lines throughout any size residential home. AT Urban Piping, we have invested in the equipment to handle drain cleaning projects of any size.

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