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Urban Piping Ltd. is Calgary’s top expert on Poly B™ replacement, providing unparalleled knowledge and services to homeowners across the city. As specialists in Poly B™ replacement for both commercial and residential buildings, we’re recognized as the premier authority in this critical plumbing service.

Our team’s thorough approach includes accurate pipe replacements, detailed drywall repair, and precise paintwork, ensuring Calgary homes smoothly transition away from Poly B™ plumbing systems.

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Calgary's Premier Poly B™ Replacement Specialists

Urban Piping stands out as Calgary’s dedicated Poly B™ replacement company. By focusing exclusively on Poly B™ plumbing replacement, we distinguish ourselves from general plumbing service providers. Our team, with decades of combined experience in Poly B™ piping replacement, is regarded as the country’s leading group of plumbers in the field of polybutylene pipe replacement. This expertise translates into exceptional customer service, superior workmanship, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, alongside numerous 5-star reviews from our satisfied customers.

Hire the best in the business from only $150/mo.

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What is Poly B Piping?

Poly B™, also known as polybutylene, was a popular plumbing material used in both residential and commercial structures from 1985 to 1997. Its lightweight, cost-effective nature made it a favored alternative to copper pipes among builders. During this period, over 700,000 Canadian homes were equipped with Poly B™ piping. Despite its initial popularity, Poly B™ was banned due to its high failure rates, which caused extensive water and property damage.

Poly B™ pipes are typically light grey, blue, or black and are often paired with copper joints and bends. To identify Poly B™ plumbing in your home, check the basement ceiling around the utility section. If you spot grey tubes with copper connectors, it’s likely you have polybutylene plumbing. For a comprehensive assessment, consider consulting a certified home inspection professional.

Poly B™ piping has several vulnerabilities that lead to its failure over time:

Chemical Reactions: Poly B™ pipes deteriorate due to reactions with oxidants like chlorine in the water supply, making the pipes brittle and prone to cracking.

UV Exposure: Prolonged exposure to UV light during storage or transportation can accelerate the degradation of Poly B™ pipes.

Heat Exposure: High temperatures, whether from the environment or the water passing through the pipes, can weaken the structural integrity of Poly B™ piping.

Installation Issues: Improper installation practices, such as over-tightening of fittings, can lead to increased failure rates.

The failure rate of Poly B™ piping is essentially 100%, making it a matter of when, not if, the pipes will fail.


Poly B™ piping poses significant challenges for homeowners seeking insurance coverage:

Higher Premiums: Due to the high risk of failure, insurance companies often charge higher premiums for homes with Poly B™ plumbing.

Denied Claims: Many insurers exclude coverage for damage caused by Poly B™ failures, leaving homeowners to bear the full cost of repairs.

Coverage Refusal: Some insurance companies outright refuse to insure homes with Poly B™ piping unless it is replaced.

In 2005, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Poly B™ was inadmissible to indemnity clauses, meaning insurers are not legally required to cover homes with Poly B™ piping. This has led to increased premiums and deductibles for homeowners with this type of plumbing.

Poly B™ piping affects real estate transactions significantly. Buyers should check homes built or renovated between 1985 and 1997 for Poly B™ pipes, as they pose serious risks. Negotiate with the seller for pipe replacement or a price reduction.

For sellers, addressing Poly B™ issues can involve replacing the pipes, adjusting the selling price, or being transparent about the risks. This can improve marketability and ease the sale process.

Homes with Poly B™ piping face higher insurance premiums, coverage exclusions, or outright refusal. Addressing these issues before listing can enhance the property’s appeal and value. Urban Piping offers expert Poly B™ replacement with durable Grade A PEX piping, ensuring safety and boosting home value.

Be cautious of subcontractors when dealing with Poly B™ replacement. Many subcontractors lack the necessary expertise, leading to complications such as poor installation, warranty issues, and inadequate insurance coverage. Urban Piping does not use subcontractors, ensuring top-quality work and reliability with our experienced in-house team. Trust Urban Piping for expert Poly B™ replacement with durable Grade A PEX piping, ensuring safety and boosting home value.

Tailored Poly B Replacement Solutions for Calgary Homes

Urban Piping is committed to offering Poly B™ replacement services that cater to the diverse needs of Edmonton’s homeowners, ensuring that every type of residence receives the most appropriate and effective service.


Poly B Plumbing Dangers Facing Calgary Homeowners

Poly B Pipe Dangers Exposed

Unaware of the risks posed by aging Poly B pipes? If your Calgary home features this outdated plumbing, it may be prone to leaks, water damage, and potential health hazards.

Hidden Dangers in Your Home

Over time, unseen Poly B pipes degrade behind walls and under floors, risking serious damage from leaks or mold before symptoms are even noticeable.

Insurance Coverage at Stake

Faced with the vulnerabilities of Poly B, insurers are increasingly denying claims or hiking premiums, a financial burden many homeowners aren’t prepared for.

Health and Safety Concerns

Old Poly B pipes can compromise water quality by releasing hazardous chemicals, posing serious health risks to you and your family.

Reduced Home Marketability

Poly B plumbing can drive down your home’s market value and attractiveness, making it tough to sell when you decide to move on.

Risk of Sudden Failures

The older Poly B gets, the higher the risk of a pipe bursting, which could lead to devastating floods and expensive, urgent repairs.


Urban Piping’s Poly B Replacement Using Grade A PEX Piping

Ensuring Your Home's Safety

Urban Piping uses only the highest quality Grade A PEX for replacing Poly B pipes, ensuring durability and long-term safety for your home’s plumbing needs.

Skillful Removal and Upgrade

Our trained experts carefully remove hazardous Poly B piping and upgrade your system to superior Grade A PEX, enhancing both the longevity and reliability of your home’s plumbing.

Restored Insurance Benefits

Upgrading to Grade A PEX often helps homeowners regain favorable insurance terms, potentially lowering premiums and simplifying claims processes.

Boosted Water Quality

Our replacement services ensure your tap water is free from the dangers of old pipe leeching, safeguarding your family’s health with clean, safe water.

Enhanced Home Value

Installing modern, reliable Grade A PEX piping not only boosts your property value but also enhances buyer interest, facilitating a smoother sale.

Preventive Replacement

Transition to Grade A PEX before emergencies strike. Our preventive replacements save you from unforeseen disasters and associated high costs.

Your Calgary Home, Free of Polybutylene Plumbing Headaches

Imagine a home where every drop of water running through the taps is clean, where insurance concerns are alleviated, and your investment appreciates. With Urban Piping’s Grade A PEX replacements, this vision is not just possible it’s a guarantee. Here are some reviews from our customers.

Calgary Poly B™ Replacement Reviews

Urban Piping is the Leading Service Provider and Information Resource in Canada for Poly B Pipe Replacement.

Urban Piping stands as Calgary’s foremost authority on Poly B Replacement, offering unparalleled expertise and reliable information to homeowners nationwide.

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Don’t Compromise on Your Home’s Safety Act now to replace your risky Poly B pipes. Call Urban Piping for a free consultation and safeguard your property with Calgary’s leading Poly B replacement service, featuring top-grade Grade A PEX.

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We require your address in order to pull blueprints of your home to quote the required work as accurately as possible.
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