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Urban Piping Ltd. is the leader in Poly B™ Replacement here in Edmonton, AB. Our Polybutylene replacement service offers a complete re-piping, drywall, and paint restore for any commercial or residential building. All Poly B™ replacement work is done in house by Urban Pipings Edmonton Poly B™ Division and we do not hire any outside contractors.

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Our Poly B™ Replacement Process

Step 1

Protect Your Home

First, we plastic wrap and cover your home where work will take place. This includes covering all flooring and furniture so your home and belongings are completed protected during the Poly B™ remediation process.

Step 2

Begin Poly B™ Replacement

Then we begin the remediation process by accessing pipes through the drywall. Old lines are pulled out of the walls and ceiling where necessary and replaced with new piping.

Step 3

Restore Your Home

After the remediation of the Poly B™ pipes is complete we then fix all holes in the drywall and ceiling where necessary as well as paint match your home’s paint to its original colours.

Step 4

Clean Your Home

Then we clean the house and ensure that it is in the same condition that is was upon our arrival. After a walk through with yourself checking over our work we then settle up with you and your Poly B™ issues are no more.

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Poly B™ FAQ Videos

Here is our Poly B™ Replacement Newscast as well 31 Poly B™ FAQ videos to help our customers with all of the commonly asked questions we typically get asked about Poly B™ Piping.

Poly B™ FAQ

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What is Poly B™ (polybutylene) Piping?

Poly-B is also known as polybutylene pipe, and it refers to the grey plastic pipes used for plumbing systems in residential and commercial buildings. Poly-b pipes were the most commonly used material in commercial and residential construction from 1985 to 1997

Poly-B pipes were found to have defects, and therefore, discontinued after a billion dollar class action lawsuit was won against the manufacturer. It was discovered that Poly-B pipes began to leak and burst or over time due to the susceptibility of the product to chlorine. More cases of this type of pipe failing are likely to happen as homes in Edmonton Alberta continue to get older.

Issues with Poly B™ in Kelowna

There are several reasons behind the need for poly-b replacement in Kelowna BC. Many town homes, apartment buildings, condos, and single dwelling houses have polybutylene pipes installed in them. These pipes are old and due to the time they were installed, they may be on the brink of failing.

Poly-b pipes are susceptible to leaking over time. After years of use, poly-b pipes begin to leak due to the chlorine used in municipal water supplies. This cause the walls of the piping to thin over time.
Once the pipe becomes frail a homeowners begins noticing constant leaks around the house or in the worst case scenario a burst pipe and flooding of the property. Poly-b water leakage has resulted in property damages worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Poly-b pipes are not capable of withstanding irregular water pressures. This situation causes them to crack and sometimes burst.
Damp locations are an excellent breeding space for mold and mildew. Many homes in Edmonton Alberta have mold and mildew issues due to poly-b pipe leakages that caused the walls and other locations to be damp. The health risks that mold and mildew pose cannot be downplayed.

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We are the only call that you need to make if Poly B™ Plumbing has been found in your home. Our team of Poly B™ plumbers have done more Poly B™ Replacement work that any other plumbing company and all work is done in house by Urban Piping without the use of subcontracting any services. We currently operate in Calgary, Edmonton, Burnaby, and all surrounding areas. If you have found Poly B™ Piping in your home please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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