How to Use a Garburator?

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how to use a garburator

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A Garburator is an essential part of your Kitchen. Once you get accustomed to a Garburator and know how to use a garburator it becomes quite difficult to adjust without one. The Garburator works wonders for your waste disposal problems. It eliminates a tremendous amount of waste that would have been very difficult to dispose. This includes but is not limited to egg shells, chicken bones, and other organic wastes. These materials can now be thrown down the Garburator and this amazing piece of technology turns it into liquid and flushes it down the drainage, never to be seen again.

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Everything You Need to Know About How to Use a Garburator

But, like all equipments, a Garburator needs to be used the proper way; else it will lead to all sorts of problems and break downs. The cost of repairing or replacing a Garburator is exorbitant and the easiest way to save you such an unnecessary expense is the proper usage of the Garburator. Furthermore, once you start using a Garburator you will be accustomed to throwing down such waste down the drain, a sudden breakdown will be the cause of a lot of trouble since you will not have another waste disposal system in place for removing the waste that you were sending down the Garburator. Simply follow the below steps on an everyday basis and you will be successful in extending the life of your Garburator.

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One of the most important aspects of using a Garburator is running a steady stream of cold water before running the Garburator. While it is recommend that you avoid putting any fats, oils, or grease (FOG) into your disposal, there will inevitably be some fat in common food waste such as salad dressings and macaroni and cheese.  By using cool water, any fat will remain solid as it passes through the disposal and your drain pipes. This will ensure that these particles do not stick to your Garburator which may result the growth of all kinds of nasty moulds and slime.

So, every time you use a Garburator be sure to first run a stream of cold water through it. Before you lace any food waste into the Garburator, turn it on and let it run.

As you place food waste into the Garburator, do not place a large amount of waste at the same time. Instead place the waste patches little by little, else the grinding process will be slowed down extremely and this will greatly reduce the life of your Garburator.

Once the food waste has been broken down, turn the disposal off and let the water run for a couple of seconds to drain the pipe.

How to Install a Garburator

Tips to keep in mind while learning how to use a Garburator

Turn on your garbage disposal on regular intervals.

 Even if you don’t have anything to grind, turn on the cold water and run the disposal at least a couple of times a week, or else, the disposal can corrode; and any leftover particles inside can harden, leading to odors and clogs. This will further decrease the efficacy of your Garburator.

Run the grinder for long.

The Garburator needs to run longer than you think, even after you are done with the grinding, make sure that you run the grinder for sometime after that. Let the cold water run and keep the grinder on, this will ensure that any food residue that remains on the sink as waste will be washed away completely.

Cut waste into small pieces

Before you place the waste into the Garburator, ensure that you cut it into smaller pieces. This will further improve the life and efficacy of your Garburator.

Positive Garburator Effects on Drains

Toss a Citrus Peel

Every now and then toss a citrus peel into the Garburator. Cold water and soap is extremely effective when it comes to cleaning the Garburator however, citric acid that oozes out of a citrus peel works extremely well when it comes to cleaning excess fat and oil residue.

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Hiring a Professional Plumber for Garburator Repair or Garburator Installation

Looking after a Garburator is hard work, sometimes even after meticulous care, the Garburator may breakdown and malfunction. In such cases you should hire professionals to fix it for you. If you live in and around Calgary and you find your Garburator malfunctioning or not working, do not worry and reach out to us at Urban Piping; we will arrange a visit by a qualified and experienced plumber at your location in a short span of time.

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