Common Causes of a Clogged Bathroom Drain

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Common Causes of a Clogged Bathroom Drain

Clogged bathroom drains and blocked pipes may be regarded as such trivial issues yet they can quickly escalate to be costly problems. The result of clogged drains is slow water drainage, corrosion, flooding or even sewage backup. In such situations, the repairs will be costly.

How do you tell that your bathroom drain is clogged?

  • When there is a present foul odor. This means an accumulation of something in the drain.
  • Water backup from the bathroom drain.
  • Slow drainage. As you shower you may realize that water is not draining through the bathroom drain.
  • Raised water levels.
  • Gurgling sounds from the bathroom drains and plug holes.

Preventing clogged bathroom drains only begins by understanding what causes the clogging in the first place.

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The common causes of clogged bathroom drains are:

1. Hair buildup

Hair is one of the major causes of clogged bathroom drains because it is in the bathroom that we wash our hair and do everything regarding our hair. The hair then binds with grease and other sticky substances and then forms clogs in the bathroom drain. The hair also includes pet hair. Pet owners often give their pets inside baths especially during winter. While it is okay to do so, pet hair can gum up the bathroom drain especially is the pet has a long coat.

Since it is unlikely that your bathroom drain will be free from hair, the only way to prevent bathroom clogs from hair is to fit the drains with guards that catch hair. These guards should be cleared regularly.

2. Soap

Yes. Soap. I know you’re wondering how soap can cause clogged bathroom drains. Well, traditional soap bars are made with either grease or fat. This fat combines with minerals in the water and leaves behind a hard residue known as soap scum. The soap scum stains bath fittings and clogs pipes. You may not necessarily avoid having soap go down your drain but you can minimize the amount that does.

You can prevent clogged bathroom drains resulting from soap by using soap free washes or having your pipes pressure cleaned to remove the soap buildup. Lastly, do not put soap down your drain purposefully. Even the small flakes can cause your bathroom drain to clog quickly

3. Dirt

What is the purpose of drains if not to wash away anything? Your thoughts may be that bathroom drains are there to wash away anything including excess dirt on your clothes. However, the excess dirt like mud from your clothes can build up and cause drain issues for you. Rinse of the mud and dirt from your clothes or body before you completely immerse yourself in your bathroom.

The next time you travel to the beach and accumulate sand, rinse off outside like at a host of a beach shower in order to remove some of the sand before you jump into the shower.

4. Mineral buildup

Hard water contains dissolved minerals which can build up and cause insoluble masses that easily result in clogged bathroom drains. Sometimes, mineral build up is inevitable. Nevertheless, you can install a water softener for your home if the water supply in your home area is of hard water. If this doesn’t work for you, you may have to regularly descale and remove the sediment build up.

Once they are established, mineral buildup clogs become difficult to remove and can cause your bathroom drains and pipes to stop flowing. You will need a professional plumber with special drain cleaning equipment that can perform a complete residential drain cleaning service for you.

5. Small objects

Small objects can wreak havoc when they find their way to your bathroom drains. Nothing should go down your bathroom drain except water and soap. Nothing should go down your toilet except human waste and toilet paper. Do not dispose of any other objects through your bathroom drain because it will simply result in clogged bathroom drains.

6. A combination of all factors

Generally, bathroom clogs result from the combination or hair, soap scum, mineral build up and debris. One of these times just has to start collecting and the others will find it easier latch on and add to the clog. A combination of hard water/mineral buildup, hair and soap scum and hair can form a clog that will be pretty difficult to remove.

7. Bad installation

Poor installation of bathroom pipes and drains can lead to costly blockages. DIY projects for pipe installation can be inexpensive and easy but they are not recommended. You are not trained in such installations therefore poor installation can lead to problems like incorrect water flow or fractured pipes. To avoid any clogged bathroom drains, simply use the services of professional plumbers is installing your pipes and drains.

Sometimes, unclogging bathroom drains may not necessarily require the services of a plumber. You can do it yourself using:

  • A plunger which you can place over the drain.
  • A plumbing snake which is especially good for removing bathroom clogs resulting from hair buildup. A plumbing snake is inexpensive and you can easily get one from a hardware store.
  • Non-toxic drain cleaners like baking soda mixes or enzymatic drain cleaners which are friendly to your lungs, the bathroom pipes, bathroom finish and to the environment.

As mentioned earlier, there are simple preventive steps that you can take to avoid clogged bathroom drains like:

  • Keep away from pouring soap down the bathroom drain.
  • Regularly clean the drain basket.
  • Use descalers to prevent clogs from hard-water deposits and increase efficiency of your bathroom drainage system.

A clogged bathroom drain can make your life difficult. It becomes impossible to enjoy a shower without your feet being immersed in dirty water that won’t drain or the unpleasant smell coming from accumulated dirt. Therefore, choose to take intentional steps today to minimize the amount of hair, soap, dirt and mineral buildup that goes down your drain. Now that you are aware of the common causes of clogged bathroom drains, you can easily implement solutions that minimize the clogging of your bathroom drains.

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