What is Poly B™ (Polybutylene) Pipe?

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What is Poly B™ Pipe

What is Poly B™ Pipe & Polybutylene Plumbing – You Need To Know

If you have been following construction news from around the globe lately, you must be aware of the global opinion of construction experts and consultants regarding pipes that are made out of a special material called polybutylene. Construction stakeholders have formed a unanimous opinion on this material after it emerged that it seems to cause serious problems for many homeowners around the globe.

Before we can take a look at a certain company that provides affordable and complete Poly B™ Calgary replacement services, let’s first have a quick glance at what Poly B™ or polybutylene pipes are.

Polybutylene pipes are grey and white in color and made of a plastic resin called ”Polybutylene”. These pipes were developed in the 70s and considered as the pipes of the future. Deemed affordable and easier to install than their counterparts which were made out of copper, the pipes were used in homes, commercial buildings as well as commercial structures.

A decade later, however, polybutylene pipes started to lose favor in the eyes of many home builders, and today experts recommend that these pipes be replaced in homes. If your drainage system is made up of these pipes, you may want to reconsider it. Here is why;

1) Polybutylene Can Be Very Risky. 

We all know that tap water contains a lot of chlorine. Chlorine is a compound that reacts with polybutylene causing the acetal fittings and poly b pipes to become brittle and crack or leak. The next thing you know is pipe failure. A pipe burst is a serious problem and, unless someone shuts off the water immediately, the result can be very devastating. Imagine the amount of damage that would occur in your house in the event of a pipe failure while you are away on holiday and there is no one to respond.

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2) It Is Hard to Tell from the Outside whether or not Poly Pipes are about To Fail

Chlorine is carried within tap water and it usually reacts with the interior of poly b pipes causing them to deteriorate from within. This makes it pretty challenging to know if the pipe is truly in good state. Even experts usually find it very hard to give an accurate assessment on the condition of these pipes unless there is a noticeable problem with their exterior or installation. For a reliable and affordable poly replacement service, consider Urban Piping Ltd. These professionals are thorough in their job, they do not subcontract, rather they carry out all the work in-house by themselves.

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3) The Longer the Pipes are Installed, the Higher the Risk

The risk of polybutylene disaster escalates with the age of the house. In other words the longer the pipes have stayed the higher the chance is that a disaster will happen. Poly b pipes generally begin to leak after 9 years. So it’s imperative that you become proactive in your efforts to avert the damage one failure can cause to your abode.

4) Homes with Polybutylene Plumbing Are Unappealing In the Eyes of Home Buyers

Properties with polybutylene plumbing not only take longer to sell but also go for less. What’s more, they often depreciate over time compared to their counterparts with non-polybutylene plumbing.

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5) Polybutylene-Related Risks Are Usually Not Covered By Insurance Companies

Most insurers tend to avoid covering risks that involve polybutylene pipes. Even if you are lucky enough to obtain a policy from a lenient company, the company will terminate your policy after a single major plumbing incidence. Polybutylene plumbing is not attractive to home buyers and insurers alike. The best thing you can do if your house has poly b pipes is to call in a poly b  replacement company like Urban Piping Ltd.

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The perils of polybutylene piping are well known throughout the industry. So much that home buyers no longer want homes which have these types of pipes installed. What’s more, insurers are no longer offering policies for homes with polybutylene plumbing. Why put your life at risk living in a house with a disaster waiting to strike when there are professionals who are more than willing to assist? All you have to do to avert this disaster is to reach out to Urban Piping Ltd.They are only a Google search away.

Now you know what Poly B™ is, here is the next step: How to Choose the Right Poly B™ Contractor

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