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What is Kitec Plumbing?

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Why you Should Replace Kitec Plumbing?
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As a homeowner you may have asked yourself “What is Kitec Plumbing”. Reading this article will educate you about what kitec piping is, its downsides, and why you should replace before it causes you a lot of cash to fix.

Guide to Kitec Plumbing for Your Home

Kitec piping is the use of a kitec brand of pipe for plumbing work in your building. The use of kitec was prominent in the US and Canada in homes that were constructed or renovated from 1995 to 2007.

Kitec manufacturers marketed kitec piping as corrosion resistant and as a perfect alternative of copper pipes and fittings. This brand of pipe was sold for drainable water pipes, and in-floor and hot-water baseboard systems. Kitec was widely used for new buildings and renovation during its great period. However, in 2005, the manufacturers of kitec piping recalled the product claiming that it had failed on the feature it was marketed for- resistance to corrosion. The kitec had accelerated corrosion rate. As a result, they discontinued its production.  

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Why Is Kitec Bad?

Although kitec piping was marketed as having a high level of resistance to corrosion, it was later found to be prone to an increased rate of corrosion.

One of the reasons why kitec is bad is the fact that kitec piping can fail or deteriorate due to a high level of water pressure or running of temperatures hotter than 77C (180F), the manufactures recommended rating.        

Another reason why kitec piping is bad is what the industry professionals call premature pipe failure. It is believed that buildings that have kitec piping installed will experience unprecedented pipe failure, and the rates will increase as days pass by. The scary point is that the pipes may not only leak but burst without any notice with high possibility of flooding.  

With the risk of flooding so high, the extent of water damage and the cost of renovation is better imagined than experienced. The danger flood poses cannot be measured, and as a result, all the kitec piping must be replaced with a safer product to forestall dangerous outcomes of using the product.

Moreover, the use of kitec piping has a negative impact on the resale value of a home. Before putting up a house for sale, the specific renovations will be carried out. If you happen to have kitec piping installed, you will unavoidably replace kitec piping, and this will run to hundreds of dollars. And if you choose to leave it, prospective buyers will be reluctant to buy the property or offer a ridiculous value for the property.

Also, kitec piping is bad because of bacteria growth that takes place in the pipes, which can result in a wide variety of health issues like illness caused by Legionella. You sure would not want to put the health of your household in jeopardy.

What Colour is Kitec Plumbing?

Kitec plumbing is a very distinctive orange colour. The only orange pipe that has been used in plumbing so it is very easy to find.

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Why Replace Kitec Piping?

If you still have kitec piping used for your home’s plumbing work long after its manufacturers have recalled it, it is high time you replaced it for several reasons that will be discussed in this write-up.

Kitec piping is a system of plumbing comprising flexible aluminum pipe placed in-between the interior and external layer of a PEX pipe (plastic pipe) with brass fittings. Although it was considered to be a cheaper alternative to copper piping, it later turned out to be an inappropriate or defective product with high possibility of flooding and other unpleasant experiences.

Most of the reasons why you need to replace kitec piping if you still have them installed in your home include but not limited to the point below:

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  1. Accelerated Corrosion Rate

Against its marketed feature, kitec piping turned out to be more susceptible to corrosion faster than usual. Zinc leaches from the brass fitting in the pipe, and that causes the powder to build up inside the fitting to weaken the brass fitting. The effect of the development is water leakage.

  1. Growth of Infection

The corrosion at the fittings of the pipe enables bacteria to grow. When such bacteria are transported into the water supply the household uses, it could result in diverse health issues, which could result in an unpleasant situation for the entire family.  

  1. High Temperature of Pipe Burst

It is crucial that you replace kitec piping in your home to avoid a high risk of pipe burst. Kitec piping was found to be inefficient in handling extreme water pressure, and it would burst at a temperature hotter than the manufacturers’ recommended 770C (1800F). Retaining the piping, your home is vulnerable to flooding, which would result from eventual pipe burst.

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  1. Possible Insurance and Mortgage Issues

Kitec piping has a negative impact on the resale value of any property. Having considered kitec piping to be substandard, the cost of insurance will undoubtedly be high, if the insurance company is willing to insure the home at all. In the same vein, prospective homebuyers usually become pessimistic about buying the house when they find kitec piping in the home as part of checklists for purchasing the property. If you desire to get a good value for your property, replace the kitec piping in your home as soon as possible.

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  1. Poorer Inefficiency, Greater Costs

Kitec piping has been found substandard and with materials of such poor efficiency comes high costs of repair in the eventual failure of the materials. The plumbing system of any home is one of the most critical systems. As a result, if kitec bursts or fail, the consequences will be severe regarding water damage, a high cost of repairs, inconveniences, health issues from mold growth due to high moisture level at home, and lots more.


Kitec piping is undoubtedly bad for your plumbing system, family, and your wallet. The inefficiency of the material in handling high water pressure and hotter temperatures, a higher rate of corrosion, and high risk of flooding from possible pipe bursts are solid reasons why you should start replacing kitec piping in your home now.

Prevent the inconveniences and higher costs of repairs as a result of kitec piping failure by replacing the pipes now.

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Corey Hayes

Corey Hayes is a seasoned marketing professional with two decades of experience in small business marketing, dedicating 15 years of his illustrious career to elevating Urban Piping's brand. His expertise and visionary approach have been pivotal in shaping the company's market presence and success.

Picture of Corey Hayes

Corey Hayes

Corey Hayes is a seasoned marketing professional with two decades of experience in small business marketing, dedicating 15 years of his illustrious career to elevating Urban Piping's brand. His expertise and visionary approach have been pivotal in shaping the company's market presence and success.

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