Poly B™ Piping Replacement in North West Calgary

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Poly B™ Piping Replacement in North West Calgary Case Study

Here we have a house that we re mediated for Clyde in Arbor lake Calgary, his house hadn’t had any leaks for the 13 years that he had lived in it, but… his drummer Terry in his band had recently had a leak in his house and the leak had damaged all of his drums and hardwood floor.  This didn’t sit well with Clyde as he had practically a recording studio in his basement directly under the kitchen and any bit of moisture would have done some serious expensive damage to his equipment.

So Clyde decided without further ado he did a quick google search and came across Urban Piping Ltd. he found that they specialized in poly b replacement and also had a in house drywall division so they wouldn’t have to subcontract anyone.

We came out and started with the prep. Preparation is the most important process in replacing polybutylene piping, we wrapped the entire house and its contents in poly then we put in specialized air hepa filters into areas of the house where the most dust would be created. These hepa filters eliminate nearly 90% of the dust made throughout the drywall repair process.

Our team completely re mediated the house in 7 business days and now Clyde can rest assured that he will never have a plumbing water issue.

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