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Sirocco Drive Poly B™ Replacement Case Study: Signal Hill Residence, Calgary

In this case study, we discuss a Poly B™ Replacement project at Scott’s bi-level home in the Signal Hill community, Calgary. The project required a quick turnaround to meet the homeowner’s schedule.

Project Background

Scott contacted Urban Piping on December 1st to inspect his property for poly b replacement. After the inspection, the team began work immediately on December 3rd to accommodate Scott’s schedule.

Unique Construction Features

Scott’s bi-level home had unique architectural features that allowed the team to access some piping without cutting significant portions of the ceiling. The structure had a dead space between the basement and upstairs, created by a series of 2x4s to incorporate design and weight distribution.

Plumbing Process

Expert plumber Jordan Shingoose, measuring 6’4″, fit into the cavity between the floors to replace the piping. The entire pipe replacement took 1.5 days and about 36 man hours to complete.

Restoration and Completion

After the plumbing work, skilled drywaller Samantha patched and cleaned the home. By December 13th, the project was complete, allowing Scott and his family to celebrate Christmas in their restored home.

Project Outcomes and Performance

The Urban Piping team’s flexibility and expertise led to a successful poly b replacement project in Scott’s Signal Hill residence, completed just in time for the holidays.

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