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Scandic Hill Poly B™ Replacement Case Study: Scenic Acres Residence

This case study examines a Poly B™ Replacement project in the Scenic Acres community, where a 2,400 sq ft house received a thorough poly b remediation. Homeowner Gene, with her meticulous organization skills and construction background, made this project stand out.

Project Background

Gene’s house was a typical two-story home with a double attached garage, main floor laundry, half bathroom, and a recently renovated master bathroom. The finished basement had a full bathroom with a stand-up shower. The project also involved replacing the poly b piping for the outside irrigation line.

Construction Process

The team cut 23 holes in the drywall to access the poly b piping and used 843 ft of new Class A PEX piping for the replacement. While on-site, Gene requested the installation of a garbage disposal in her kitchen, which the team happily accommodated at a special price.

Restoration and Completion

After the plumbing work, the team expertly repaired the drywall and restored the home to its original condition. The entire project, including the garbage disposal installation, took nine business days to complete.

Project Outcomes and Performance

Gene’s attention to detail and construction knowledge contributed to the project’s success, resulting in a thoroughly completed poly b replacement and a satisfied homeowner.

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