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Poly B™ Replacement and Exceptional Drywall Repair: Urban Piping’s Comprehensive Solution

In this case study, we highlight the comprehensive solution provided by Urban Piping for a Poly B™ Replacement project, focusing on their exceptional in-house drywall repair team. This skilled team is an essential component of Urban Piping’s commitment to delivering a seamless and top-quality experience to their clients.

Project Background

The project involved replacing polybutylene piping in a residential home. This process required the removal of sections of drywall to access the piping, making drywall repair a critical aspect of the project. Urban Piping was selected for the job due to their full-service, start-to-finish approach and their exceptional drywall repair team.

Urban Piping’s In-House Drywall Repair Team

Urban Piping’s drywall repair team is composed of hand-picked professionals with decades of experience in fixing drywall, ceilings, and plaster. The company offers continuing education to its employees to ensure they maintain their status as the top team in Canada. This in-house team is a key factor in providing a seamless and high-quality experience for clients undergoing a poly b replacement.

The Poly B™ Replacement Process

The project began with the removal of sections of drywall to access the polybutylene piping. The team then replaced the old piping with new, more durable materials. After the replacement was completed, Urban Piping’s exceptional drywall repair team stepped in to restore the walls and ceilings to their original state.

Benefits of Urban Piping’s Comprehensive Solution

By offering a comprehensive solution that includes both poly b replacement and expert drywall repair, Urban Piping provides clients with several advantages:

  1. Seamless experience: Clients don’t have to worry about coordinating multiple contractors or dealing with delays due to miscommunication.
  2. Quality control: The in-house team ensures consistent quality across all aspects of the project.
  3. Cost control: By avoiding subcontracting, Urban Piping eliminates third-party markups and keeps costs in check.
  4. Time management: The in-house team can work efficiently, ensuring the project is completed within the estimated timeframe.


Urban Piping’s comprehensive solution, including their exceptional in-house drywall repair team, delivers a seamless experience for clients undergoing a poly b replacement. By managing all aspects of the project, from the initial replacement to the final restoration of walls and ceilings, Urban Piping sets itself apart as the industry leader in poly b replacement and customer satisfaction.

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