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Leaks caused by poly b piping

Comprehensive Poly B™ Replacement Case Study: Sandstone Residence, Calgary

In this case study, we discuss a Poly B™ Replacement project for Mr. Spencer’s residence in Sandstone, Calgary. After suffering multiple leaks caused by poly b piping, Mr. Spencer sought the expertise of Urban Piping Ltd. to address the issue.

Project Background

Mr. Spencer’s home was a spacious 2,700 sq ft property with a large finished basement, including two bedrooms and a bathroom. The project’s scope involved replacing poly b piping throughout the entire house and addressing slow drainage.

Construction Process

To access the poly b piping, the team had to cut 17 holes in the walls and ceilings, as well as behind each shower and bathtub. It took three plumbers two full days to remove the grey piping and replace it with color-coded Class A PEX.

After the plumbing work, expert drywallers Sam and Terryl patched and repaired all holes, re-texturing the ceiling to restore its original appearance. During the project, the team discovered that the home’s drainage system was slow due to years of use.

Urban Piping employed a unique solution using a Hydro Jetter, a miniaturized pressure washer, to clean the drainage lines thoroughly. This process scrubbed the inside of the pipes, restoring them to like-new condition.

Project Outcomes and Performance

The poly b replacement and drain cleaning project took a total of nine business days to complete. Mr. Spencer was pleased with the comprehensive service and high-quality results provided by Urban Piping Ltd.

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