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Kitchen Renovation and Poly B™ Replacement Case Study: Riverbend Residence

In this case study, we describe a Poly B™ Replacement project for homeowner Tom’s residence in Riverbend. The project involved a kitchen renovation, poly b piping replacement, and expert drywall restoration.

Project Background

Tom approached the team during a kitchen renovation, deciding it was the perfect time to replace the poly b piping in his home. In addition to replacing the polybutylene piping, the team also roughed in the new kitchen and installed new drywall in the gutted kitchen area.

Construction Process

The team worked diligently to replace the poly b piping and prepare the kitchen for the installation of cabinets and painting. Tom’s house was a beautiful 4-level split, and the plumbers were surprised to encounter two massive Rhodesian Ridgebacks, dogs originally bred in South Africa to hunt lions.

Project Outcomes and Performance

The Riverglen Close poly b replacement project was completed in just six business days. Tom was extremely impressed with the quality of the work, and the team was relieved that the dogs remained friendly throughout the process.

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