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Efficient Poly B™ Replacement Case Study: Valencia Road Residence

In this case study, we examine a Poly B™ Replacement project for homeowner Orin’s residence on Valencia Road. With precise information and preparation from the homeowner, the team efficiently replaced poly b piping in the renovated sections of the house.

Project Background

Homeowner Orin was aware of the potential issues with polybutylene piping in his home, which was renovated in the 90s. He approached the team for a solution to his poly b problem. The project focused on replacing poly b piping in two upstairs bathrooms.

Pre-Project Preparation

Orin, an engineer, was well-prepared and knew exactly which areas of his house had been renovated and contained poly b piping. His readiness significantly streamlined the project, allowing the team to focus on the replacement process.

Construction Process

The team accessed the poly b piping through the dining room ceiling, cutting a few holes in the ceiling and additional access points behind the upstairs showers. They replaced the old grey piping with new Class A color-coded PEX piping.

After completing the piping replacement, the team moved on to drywall repair and painting. They meticulously restored the damaged areas, leaving no visible signs of the construction work.

Project Outcomes and Performance

The project was completed in just four days, thanks to Orin’s preparation and the team’s efficiency. The homeowner was pleased with the quick and successful replacement of the poly b piping and the seamless restoration of the affected areas.

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