Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #142

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Want to Replace Polybutylene Piping with PEX

What product you are replacing your poly b piping with is just as important as which contractor you have replacing the piping.  At Urban Piping Ltd. our teams exclusively use Rehau color coded Class A PEX, it is by far the strongest most durable PEX on the market and quite honestly the cost difference is so negligible when you are buying millions of feet of it like our whole Canadian operation is.  Now most plumbers don’t even know that there are differences in the types of PEX piping, this is a very ignorant trait that we are working hard to change. We are always educating our customers about the different levels and grades and the generations that PEX piping has evolved through over the years.

This particular house in Edmonton had been experiencing many leaks which they kept having “ kijiji” plumbers coming out and repairing each leak as it happened with “class C PEX”, finally enough was enough and the customer ended up googling  “poly b replacement” and our company came u, she gave us a call and one of our friendly Edmonton plumbers was happy to come out and asses her needs.

Upon the visit he recognized that the previous plumbers had been repairing the polybutylene with class C PEX, he informed the customer that the class C PEX was only rated for 80 psi and that her neighborhood was measuring at between 74-86psi. The customer was shocked to find out that the plumbers she had been using before had no idea what they where installing and how it wasn’t the right application of her property.

Good thing we only have the best and the brightest at Urban Piping Ltd. Graham has hand picked every member of the team ( besides his wife, she just showed up one day and made her self a position jk)  through rigorous on the job interviews and continuous training, the best employees are found here.

Our team removed every last inch of poly b piping in this house and replaced all the water lines with new color coded Class A rehau PEX, repaired the drywall and ceiling and repainted. The end result was out customer was over the moon!

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