Poly B™ Replacement Case Study: Inglewood Residence, Calgary

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This case study focuses on a Poly B™ Replacement project undertaken in a beautiful house located in Inglewood, Calgary. Despite a slow start after a well-deserved vacation, the project was completed to the customer’s satisfaction. This case study details the process, challenges, and outcomes of the project.

Project Background

The project involved the replacement of polybutylene piping in a unique 5,600 sq/ft house designed by the homeowner, Susan, inspired by a residence in Arizona. The house featured tile flooring throughout, five full bathrooms, a full spa sauna in the basement, and a deck with a stunning view of the Bow River. The project’s primary objective was to replace the grey water pipe with Class A color-coded PEX piping.

Design and Planning

As the project involved the replacement of the existing poly b piping, the team needed to plan and coordinate the conversion process efficiently to minimize disruption to the home’s occupants. The new piping system was designed to provide better durability, reliability, and safety for the residents.

Construction Process

The project began with the preparation of the house, followed by the replacement of the poly b piping. The conversion to Class A color-coded PEX piping took three days and required more than 60 man-hours. After the piping work was completed, a team of professional drywallers restored the walls and ceilings, ensuring that the house’s interior was returned to its original state.

During the project, the team also noticed that the house’s drainage system was running slowly when all the water fixtures were in use. After conducting a camera inspection, they discovered a cholesterol-like buildup in the drains. The customer approved the use of a special drain cleaning machine to pressure wash the plumbing drains and restore them to like-new condition.

Project Outcomes and Performance

The project was completed in ten days, including the time spent on the additional drain cleaning. The customers were extremely satisfied with the results, commenting that they couldn’t even find the holes that had been cut in the walls and ceilings, saying, “it’s perfect.”

Lessons Learned

This case study demonstrates the importance of thorough planning and efficient coordination during a complex piping replacement project. The team’s ability to adapt and address additional issues, such as the slow drainage system, showcases their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for their customers. This project also highlights the value of having a skilled team of professionals who can restore a home’s interior after the completion of plumbing work, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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