Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #138

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Hiring a Poly B™ Replacement Contractor

Lacombe Poly B™ Replacement: A Stress-Free Experience for Bob and His Wife

Read about Bob’s experience with Urban Piping’s Edmonton Division, as they efficiently completed a poly b replacement project, adding customized features to their new home in Lacombe.

Trusting Urban Piping Sight Unseen

Bob and his wife purchased a lovely house in Lacombe, knowing that the grey piping needed to be replaced. They called Urban Piping’s Edmonton Division and, trusting their reputation, signed up for the replacement sight unseen.

Accurate Quotes and Custom Additions

To their delight, the price quoted over the phone was exactly what the replacement cost. Bob also requested a few additional features: a new toilet upstairs and a laundry sink in the mechanical room for washing his homemade wine kit and paint brushes.

Efficient Completion and Satisfied Homeowners

Our team completed the entire poly b replacement project in just four days, including all plumbing, drywall, painting, and texturing work. The swift completion and added custom features left Bob and his wife satisfied with their stress-free experience.

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