Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #137

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Replace Your Old Poly-B Pipes

Harvest Hills Poly B™ Replacement: A Smooth, Synchronized Process

Explore how Urban Piping Ltd.’s expert teams worked in harmony to complete a poly b replacement project in Harvest Hills, delivering a seamless experience for the homeowner.

Preparation and Protection

The process began with our team of three arriving at 7am to cover the flooring with ram board and wrap all furniture and cabinetry with poly wrapping. This protective step ensures minimal disruption and damage to the homeowner’s belongings.

Identifying Access Points and Cutting Holes

Next, our expert plumbers determined where to cut holes in the walls and ceilings to access and replace the existing poly b piping or reroute new piping. Our drywall crew then carefully cut the holes in the specified locations.

Seamless Teamwork for a Great Experience

We take pride in the seamless teamwork between our plumbing and drywall divisions. Our teams work perfectly in sync, anticipating each other’s needs and ensuring a smooth, efficient process for the homeowner.

Completion in Record Time

Thanks to the well-coordinated efforts of our teams, this poly b replacement project was completed in just seven days, delivering a great Urban Piping experience for the homeowner.

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