Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #136

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Fix Pin Hole Leaks in the Poly b Piping.

A History of Pinhole Leaks on Hawkstone Drive

Discover the story of a house on Hawkstone Drive with a history of pinhole leaks in its poly b piping, and how Urban Piping Ltd. eventually transformed the situation for the homeowner.

Repeated Leaks and Temporary Fixes

For about three years, our plumbers visited this house at least four times to fix minor pinhole leaks in the poly b piping. Each time, we recommended replacing the entire system, but the homeowner found it too expensive. So, our plumbers would fix the leak for $300-500 per occurrence.

A Major Flood and Insurance Complications

One day, the homeowner called Urban Piping Ltd. after their main floor bathroom flooded due to a poly b leak. When Graham arrived, he learned that the insurance company had imposed a “multi-policy deductible” because of the poly b piping in the home. The insurance company would charge seven deductibles at $1,000 each to repair the damages caused by the leak but wouldn’t cover the cost to repair the leaking poly b section.

A Better Solution: Custom Bathroom and Poly B™ Replacement

Understanding the homeowner’s predicament, Graham offered to build a whole new custom bathroom on the main floor for only $5,000 and replace the rest of the house’s poly b piping and drywall repair for $7,000. The homeowner agreed that this was a smarter approach than relying on the insurance company’s limited coverage.

On-Time and On Budget

The entire project took eight business days and stayed exactly on budget.

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