Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #135

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Poly B™ Remediation in the Hampton’s

Explore how Urban Piping Ltd tackled a unique poly b replacement project in the Hampton’s, focusing only on the piping while the homeowner’s father-in-law handled the drywall repairs.

A Familiar Neighborhood for Poly B™ Replacements

With close to 100 remediations completed in the Hampton’s, Urban Piping has become a familiar sight in the neighborhood. When our poly b replacement trailer pulls up, people walking by often remark, “Another poly b leak?”

A Unique Project: Piping Only

In this case, our customer requested that we only handle the piping in his property, as his father-in-law, recently retired, wanted to take on the drywall repair as a project.

A Promise to Complete the Piping in Under 48 Hours

We made our customer an offer he couldn’t refuse. Our plumbers committed to completing the poly b remediation within 48 hours, cutting out all the drywall and replacing every inch of poly b piping with color-coded Class A PEX piping.

Finishing the Job Ahead of Schedule

We started on a Wednesday at 8 am and, by noon on Thursday, we were completely finished and had the water back on in the house.

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