Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #134

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Hampshire Close Poly B™ Replacement Case Study

Learn how Urban Piping Ltd, a Poly B™ Replacement specialist, met the 8-day deadline to complete a full poly b replacement and drywall repair project for Bill’s 2800 sq ft home on Hampshire Close in Calgary.

Meeting the Home Inspector and Quoting the Project

Bill called Urban Piping Ltd Calgary to perform an inspection on his home simultaneously with his home inspector. We sent over a field supervisor who used our advanced computer system to quote his poly b replacement project.

Commitment to an 8-Day Deadline

As a dedicated oncologist with limited time, Bill asked if we could complete the project in 8 days. Confident in our expert poly b replacement plumbers, we agreed to meet his deadline.

Replacing Poly B™ Piping with Color Coded Class A PEX

On possession day, our team of expert plumbers (Eugene, Taylor, Jordan) removed all the grey poly b piping in the entire home and replaced it with color-coded Class A PEX piping.

Drywall and Ceiling Texture Repair

Next, we assigned Sam and Terryl to refinish all the drywall and ceiling texture.

Poly B™ Replacement Completed in 8 Days

We hit this poly b replacement project out of the park, completing it in the exact 8-day timeframe, leaving Bill over the moon with our services.

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