Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #131

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Replacing the Polybutylene Piping

Sherwood Park Church-Owned Property Poly B™ Replacement Case Study

Discover how Urban Piping’s Edmonton team tackled a unique Poly B™ Replacement project for a church-owned property in Sherwood Park, where a blind pastor resided.

Meeting the Pastor and Assessing the Property

Our Edmonton office received a call to replace poly b piping in a house owned by a church. Our owner, Graham, arrived at the property to assess the situation and discovered that the pastor was blind and had a seeing-eye dog. He knew this would be a special case that required extra care.

Customized Plan to Save Time and Money

To minimize inconvenience and save the church money, Graham devised a plan. Our Edmonton plumbers would handle the preparation, cutting of the walls and ceilings, and replacing the polybutylene piping with new color-coded Class A PEX. The church and its members would then take care of the drywall repair together.

Project Completion in 30 Hours

Our team efficiently completed the preparation, cutting of walls and ceilings, and replaced 100% of the poly b piping within 30 hours, ensuring minimal disruption to the pastor and his seeing-eye dog.

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