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Sierra Morena Place Poly B™ Replacement and Master Bathroom Renovation Case Study

This case study outlines a successful Poly B™ Replacement and master bathroom renovation project completed by Urban Piping in Rob Black’s Sierra Morena Place residence.

Project Overview

The Urban Piping team, including CEO Graham Drew, plumbers Chan and Taylor, was tasked with not only performing a full poly b replacement in Mr. Black’s house but also renovating his master bathroom simultaneously.

Skilled Team Members and Benefits

Urban Piping Ltd. boasts a versatile team consisting of plumbers, drywallers, tapers, mudders, painters, framers, and tilers. Having a full in-house team with no subcontractors provides significant benefits, such as zero downtime on projects and complete control over quality.

Overcoming Challenges and Project Completion

During the project, Taylor injured his neck. Fortunately, Rob Black, the homeowner, owns a company called “Somatic Journeys” and is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner. He helped Taylor recover in about an hour. The Urban Piping team successfully overlapped the poly b replacement and bathroom renovation, completing both tasks in just 13 days.

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