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Comprehensive Poly B™ Replacement in Arbour Woods Home

Urban Piping’s team of experts provided a complete poly b replacement for Nob’s home in Arbour Woods while the family was away on a month-long vacation. The team’s efficiency and creative solutions ensured a seamless project completion in just 9 business days.

A Skilled and Versatile Team for Poly B™ Remediation

Our team, comprising Bob, Tristan, Tyson, and Terryl, tackled the poly b replacement project with their diverse skill sets. They removed the problematic poly b piping and replaced it with high-quality, color-coded Class A PEX piping throughout the home.

Detailed Work on Tile Removal and Replacement

In the basement, the team had to remove and replace the tile behind the toilet and shower to access the poly b piping. Thanks to Urban Piping’s experienced crew of tilers, this task was completed with precision and care, ensuring the bathroom looked as good as new after the replacement.

Innovative Piping Solutions Minimize Damage and Repairs

Our team demonstrated creative thinking by avoiding unnecessary drywall and stipple repairs in the basement ceiling. Instead of cutting into it, they abandoned the old poly b lines and ran the new PEX piping along the wall and ceiling, creating a small bulkhead around it. This innovative solution saved time, effort, and minimized disruption to the home’s structure.

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