Poly B™ Pipe Replacement – Case Study #22

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Comprehensive Poly B™ Replacement in Andrea’s Home

Andrea was experiencing recurring poly b leaks in her home and had been fixing them as they occurred. However, when she faced a mysterious leak that a plumbing company couldn’t locate, she decided to call Urban Piping Ltd for help. Our team not only fixed the leak promptly but also provided a complete poly b replacement and wall and ceiling repairs at a competitive price.

The Urban Piping Difference

When Andrea contacted Urban Piping, our owner, Graham, was nearby and arrived at her home within a short time. Using his experience and expertise, he quickly identified the source of the mysterious leak and fixed it within minutes. He then scanned Andrea’s house with our specialized computer system, providing her with a detailed, comprehensive PDF quote for the poly b replacement, including wall and ceiling repairs, for only $17,500.

Poly B™ Replacement and Drywall Repairs

Andrea hired Urban Piping to replace her poly b pipes. Our team cut approximately 22 holes throughout the house to access the polybutylene pipes, remove them, and replace them with reliable piping material. Once the piping was replaced, our team repaired the drywall and flat ceilings, restoring the house to its original condition.

Timely Completion and Exceptional Service

The entire poly b replacement and repair project took only 9 business days to complete. Throughout the process, Urban Piping demonstrated professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to providing exceptional service to Andrea. By promptly fixing the leak and offering a competitive quote for a comprehensive solution, Urban Piping went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

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