Poly B™ Piping Found in Edmonton Home

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Poly B™ Piping Found in Edmonton Home Case Study

This house was awesome! The owners actually approached our team as they aw our poly b trailer and our poly b plumbers working on a house down the street, they asked if we would be interested in giving them a quote as they had just taken possession and wanted the grey piping taken out of there house as well.  We took a look and decided to start right after we were finished the first house.

Now the owners of this house in Edmonton were both electrical engineers so they paid close attention to detail. They asked for a special plumbing system called a home run system, where ever faucet has a dedicated hot and cold 1/2 line that runs right to the main in the basement. This type of system effectively adds 4-6 times the amount of water lines in your house but its advantage is that is regulates the volume equally throughout the house, so if someone flushed the toilet you wouldn’t get that sudden drop of water in your shower.

We ran the whole plumbing water line system in this radical home run system, took three days with 3 Poly B™ Edmonton plumbers but we knocked it out of the park. Next we had our elite drywall team in to repair the walls and ceilings. The entire project took 9 business days and our very particular customers were thrilled.

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