Tips for Hiring the Right Local Plumber

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Right Local Plumber

Finding the Right Local Plumber

Homeowners do not need local plumbers all the time but when they do, the right plumber or plumbing company makes the difference. Hiring the right plumber in a time of crisis or in a time of need is essential for getting good work done in your home. The right local plumber will fix the issue correctly and prevent any future plumbing failures. The wrong plumber on the other hand will do quite the opposite and will leave you regretting.

Experience in the business

It is said that practice makes perfect. This truth stands even for plumbing works. Plumbing is a very important system of your home that needs to be done properly. It is not that all plumbers with more experience are the best. It may not necessarily be the case. But such a plumber has an upper hand over a new start up plumber because they have had experience in handling plumbing problems and dealing with customers. A plumber with more experience is well versed with issues and problems of plumbing and can offer better services compared to an amateur or apprentice plumber. Since plumbing is a very sensitive aspect of your home, you should not take chances. Give more weight towards most experienced plumbers. It is a decision you will not regret. More than looking at their years of experience, there are other factors that you should also think about.

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Every professional plumber is required to have a license to practice. Whether they learnt plumbing through apprenticeship or landed in plumbing as a side hustle, a professional license is a requirement. A license shows you that the plumber has attained the standard set by the government for plumbing works and that they are qualified to undertake any work regarding plumbing. Don’t take chances on using the services of unlicensed plumbers because they are cheap and can end up doing more harm than good.

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Many home owners overlook the need for insurance when choosing a plumber yet it is of paramount importance. The plumber you choose should have insurance, liability and worker’s compensation. Why? Accidents can happen in the cause of the plumbing work and you need to protect yourself as a homeowner for any liability issues. Furthermore, insurance will cover any damages to your property that may occur during the plumbing work.

This point is essential when taking care of larger plumbing jobs like a Poly B™ Remediation. You can learn more on that in our article: How to Choose the Right Poly B™ Contractor.

References & Reviews

References are crucial. A reputable plumber should provide you with references. Remember that plumbing can take quite some time and the plumbers will spend most of their time in your home. References can ascertain the expertise and quality of work of a professional plumber.

Today, most plumbers and plumbing companies have websites. You can check out any customer reviews from their websites and just to get a feel about what other people think about their work. Negative reviews here and there are expected in any business but positive reviews should greatly outweigh the negative reviews.

In addition, look at the quality of the website because a high quality website shows that they care about their image. In many cases, a website reflects the culture of the business.

You can find real reviews from out customers here: Urban Piping Reviews. Or read our article on: Why Online Reviews Matter when Choosing a Plumber.

Photos of previous work in progress

A good plumber will have photos of any previous work. The before and after photos are an evidence of the quality of work that the plumber can accomplish. If they don’t, be sure to request for such photos because you need to see what you are going to get after the plumbing is complete.


Before you hire any plumber or plumbing company, you should find out whether they sub-contract the work. If they do, does the quality of work still remain the best? You don’t want to be caught by surprise when you hire a plumber who subcontracts and then have a poorly done job.

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The number of contractors with access to your house

It is also vital that you find out the number of contractors who will be working on the plumbing work in your house. The number gives you just a rough idea of how busy you expect the work to be and how long it will take to complete the work. If the number of contractors are quite many and you have reservations about it, make your concerns known to your plumber. The right plumber will adjust to suit your concerns and will reassure you of a good job.

Your residence while the job is ongoing

You should also consider whether the plumber you choose can make adjustments for you live in your house while the job is being done. Since plumbing is noisy and brings about a lot of dust, you should find out if you can stay in during the plumbing. And if you can, will it be safe for you? You should not put your health and safety at risk. As long as you are assured of the security of your property, then you can choose to stay somewhere else during the plumbing. If it is not possible, then the right plumber should work in way that doesn’t endanger you but still do a good job.

Hiring the right plumber is not something to take lightly. The right choice will pay off. The wrong decision will bring regrets.

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