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Check For This When Hiring a Plumbing Contractor

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Tips on Hiring a Plumbing Contractor for your Home in Calgary
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Things to Check before Hiring a Plumbing Contractor

Many homeowners have ended up entering into liabilities due to work-related accidents that happened to some of the workers they hired to work in their homes. The importance of WCB and insurance liability can never be overemphasized when you are choosing a plumbing contractor. Among all the criteria you will use to screen and select a suitable plumbing contractor, WCB and insurance liability must be prioritized to avoid liabilities.  

The Importance of WCB and Insurance Liability

WCB is the acronym for Worker’s Compensation Board. WCB guarantees that every worker is insured and protected in case an accident happens to them when carrying out their job or profession. It is essential that a worker is protected by WCB so that when an accident happens, WCB will be financially responsible for the medical bills of the worker including rehabilitation and safe return to work. The cost of treatment will not be borne by the employer or the client that hired the company.

The importance of WCB is immense in the sense that workers that work in a company that is under WCB will be taken catered to appropriately right from the time they sustained an injury or had a work-related accident to the time they resume work.

Meanwhile, it is the employers that pay into WCB for their workers to care for them thoroughly whenever any one of them has an on-the-job accident that requires treatment and taking off some time from work for the wound to heal. As workers enjoy protection, employers are also protected by WCB from being sued. Also, the WCB also trains companies on how to keep their workers safe.

The Importance of WCB

Nothing compares to having workers insured and protected; it boosts their morale and gives them an assurance of good care in case they get injured while working.

As a homeowner, you do not care about the well-being of the workers since you are not their employer. As long as the project you hired them for is accomplished satisfactorily and the workers do not get injured while working in your home, there is nothing much to worry about. But, it would interest you to know what the consequences would be if the company you hired on not under the WCB and one of the employees got injured would work on your project. You would be responsible for the medical bills, loss of wages, and other expenses related to the employee’s recovery. You would not want that; so, you should choose a plumbing contractor that is under the WCB.

Apart from the protection of the workers, being under the WCB indicates that a company is making efforts to be legitimate and a business entity that aims to be a going concern. Any company that is under the WCB shows that it is not out to make a quick buck. Therefore, the company will not cut corners on diverse certifications to get a contract fast. Besides, WCB insurance is costly for any company; only serious companies operate under the WCB.

As a homeowner, a plumbing company that has WCB insurance gives you the confidence that the company is legitimate and professional. You can rest assured of a quality job.

What Is Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance is also sometimes called general liability insurance or commercial general liability. This type of insurance protects a plumbing contractor, employees, and the homeowner. It is important that a plumbing company registers for this insurance before offering services to both commercial and residential properties. This insurance will answer for any occurrence that may happen while the project is ongoing.

What Insurance Liability Covers?

Liability insurance covers the following to free you from any unpleasant occurrence that may happen:

  1. Bodily Injury

When someone gets injured at home due to faulty installation of an item, you would not be the one to incur medical bill, the plumbing contractor’s insurance company will be responsible for the treatment and other related expenses.

  1. Property Damage

When your property gets damaged due to an accident to the installed material, you do not have to bear the losses; the insurance company will fix it.

  1. Personal Injury

If one of the employees that come to work in your home causes trouble and gets sued for slander; the plumber’s insurance company will answer for this development.

Why WCB and Insurance Liability Is Important When Choosing a Plumbing Contractor

Finding a plumbing contractor that is under WCB and insurance liability is crucial to staying free from liabilities if an employee of the company gets injured then working in your home. The WCB and insurance liabilities are significant to the plumbing contractor, employees, and you. Irrespective of the magnitude of the project you want to be carried out; you should not overlook WCB and insurance liability.

Here are some of the reasons why WCB and insurance liability is important when you are searching for the right plumber for your home:

  1. Freedom from Liabilities

Without insurance liability, if any worker gets injured, you would be responsible for the medical bills, lost wages, and all expenses incurred in making the employee get in shape and fit to work again. Although getting injured could be devastating, being responsible for the costs would be hard on your wallet.

  1. Warranty

A legitimate company usually gives a warranty on every project done. It there are any issues after the project has been completed, the company would show up to fix them. Only a contractor that is under the WCB and insurance liability that will act responsibly and seek customers’ satisfaction.

  1. Compensation for Losses

If the plumbing system is poorly installed and some problems result in property damage as a result of negligence or poor workmanship, the contractor will be responsible for the damages. If you hired a contractor without insurance liability, you would bear the entire losses.

  1. Peace of Mind

Nothing could be more disruptive than having to cater to someone who got injured while working on your property or a third party that got injured due to a faulty installation carried out by a plumbing company in your home. Hiring a plumbing contractor that have important insurance policies will give you peace of mind as you go about your other businesses without fear of running into trouble.

As a homeowner, hiring a plumbing contractor that does not have WCB insurance and insurance liability covering your project does not deserve to be hired for your project. You should be on the lookout for plumbing contractors that operate professionally and provide for insurance coverage for their employees, their clients, and projects. Avoid getting sued for compensation by employees of the company you hired.

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Corey Hayes

Corey Hayes is a seasoned marketing professional with two decades of experience in small business marketing, dedicating 15 years of his illustrious career to elevating Urban Piping's brand. His expertise and visionary approach have been pivotal in shaping the company's market presence and success.

Picture of Corey Hayes

Corey Hayes

Corey Hayes is a seasoned marketing professional with two decades of experience in small business marketing, dedicating 15 years of his illustrious career to elevating Urban Piping's brand. His expertise and visionary approach have been pivotal in shaping the company's market presence and success.

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