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Water Softener

One of the issues that you are bound to encounter if you are a homemaker is regarding the type of water supply that you use. Most houses in the United States today use hard water as their primary water source. Despite being common, this is one of the most prevalent and persistent problems across the country today.

The safest and most commonly available solution to this problem is the installation of a water softener in the house. It is for this reason that in this article, we take a look at the various benefits of a water softener. If you are looking to get one installed, always check the Reviews.

Top Benefits of a Water Softener

In this segment, we look at the different aspects of water softeners and try to ascertain how one can convert hard water to soft water with ease. The top benefits of a water softener are:

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Aids in Fast and Efficient Cleaning

The first and foremost benefit of a water softener is that it allows dishes and other items in the house to be cleaned effortlessly. From dishes to any silverware that might require maintenance, soft water is far more effective in creating soap suds that can leech out the dirt in household items faster and in an efficient manner.

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Easy Maintenance of Household Items

The second benefit of water softeners is that it does not leave behind any soap scum or films post use. So, for instance, if you have a brand new bathtub in the house, soft water bathing sources will prevent the formation of any blackened film over the surface of an enamel bathtub. This is perfect for those who are looking for easy maintenance solutions. Not only does this benefit apply to bathtubs, but to a variety of other items including shower tiles, sinks and basins.

Makes Fabric Softer

One of the greatest benefits of water softeners in the house is that they soften the fabric of the clothes, thereby making them more durable and easier to handle. Since there is reduced risk of iron deposits being trapped between the layers of fabric, soft water sources can ensure that your clothes last for the longest time.

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Faster Heating of Water

If you are living in an area that suffers from harsh winters, then this is a benefit that you will appreciate tremendously. Soft water is great when it comes to heating purposes. Since the water has fewer impurities, it can improve the efficiency of water heaters by up to 22%. This can, in turn, reduce the general utility bill resulting in a more economically run household.

Easier Plumbing System

Over and above the benefits of faster heating and easier maintenance, soft water is also very easy on the plumbing system of the house. Since there are no films and deposits left behind, the water pipes and other fixtures can be maintained with ease. Since hard water leaves scaly deposits behind, over time it can reduce the efficiency of the home plumbing system considerably. For instance, if your primary water source is hard water, then the iron deposits can result in clogged shower heads and other problems. This can be done away with completely if you are utilizing soft water for all your household needs.

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Aids in Extending the Life of Appliances

Perhaps the most underrated but useful benefit of installing a water softener in the house is that it increases the life span of appliances. If you are using hard water, the iron deposits from the water source can build up and create films on the inside of water-based appliances which can result in lower durability. Switching to a water softener reduces this problem completely and can result in a lowered maintenance bill.

An Important Aspect to Consider

When it comes to installing water softeners, there is one aspect that must be considered. This is the type of softener that is being installed. The best softeners in the market today are those that have a chlorine removal system. This is because in addition to the above-mentioned benefits, softeners with this feature can help extend the life of Poly-B pipes considerably. Urban Piping has a wide range of water softeners that suit a wide variety of needs.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to investing in water softeners for the house, care must be taken to ensure that the product is verified and government approved. Along with durability and efficiency, chlorine removal systems are among the top features that one should look for in the water softener of their choice. Overall, the best models to invest in are those that are the perfect blend of functionality and economy.

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  1. Avatar of Rhianna Hawk

    My bathtub actually has that blackened film you mentioned from all the soap scum, and I didn’t know that getting a water softener could prevent something like that. I’m renovating my bathroom soon and getting a new tub, so maybe I can get a water softener to protect the new tub. I’ll definitely look into getting it other places as well; having softer and stronger fabrics after washing sounds well worth the investment.

    1. Avatar of Urban Piping


      A water softener can make a world of difference, I personally love it for the fact I have never had to squeegee my shower glass.

      But be careful, once you get a water softener you can never go back!!!

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